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Updted July 30th, 2020 

Payment terms and refund policy.

The currency used thoughtout the site is in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Payment for most of our products and services can be made through the Realex online payment service (governed by Global Payments) or by cheque mailed directly to the Fédération de voile du Québec (FVQ) at 4545 Pierre-de- Coubertin, Montreal (Qc) H1V 0B2. It is also possible to provide credit card numbers by phone to the FVQ at 514 252-3097.

Payment for goods and services purchased from the FVQ are payable in full immediately or according to the specific terms stated at registration. A purchase made by cheque or call is not considered final until the cheque's receipt or when the credit card has been validated with the credit agency. Thus no material will be shipped or no place will be confirmed in a training until the amount due is received.

In the event that payment is not received within 10 working days of registering for a training or activity, the FVQ reserves the right to grant the reserved place to another participant.

All trainings must be paid for before it takes place. No participant will be admitted without having paid the sums due.


Cheque that bouces
An administrative fee of $ 15 will be billed in addition for any cheque that bounces.


Cancellation by the participant registered for a training activity
Any cancellation of registration for a training activity must be sent as soon as possible and ideally at least seven days before the start of the training, in writing to the FVQ specifying the title of the training, the date of the activity, name of the registered participant (s) and the reason for the cancellation.

In case of cancellation before the start of the training, the costs will be reimbursed in full.

In the event of cancellation once the training has started, the required fees will be as follows:

• the cost for the portion of the training already taken;
• a penalty, provided for by law, equivalent to the lesser of the following amounts: $ 50 or 10% of the value of the portion of the training that was not taken by the participant.

Absence of a participant
If a participant does not show up for a training activity for which he is formally registered, for any reason whatsoever, no refund will be granted.

Cancellation or postponement of the activity by the FVQ
The FVQ reserves the right to cancel a training activity or to postpone it if the number of participants does not reach the minimum required or if the planned trainer is no longer available on the scheduled date of the activity.
In either case, participants will be notified as soon as possible, ideally a minimum of three (3) working days before the training activity.

If the activity is canceled, the payment already made will be fully refunded.

If the activity is postponed, the participant can choose to obtain a full refund or maintain their registration for the new date of the training activity.

Receipt of damaged material
If the ordered material received is damaged, the FVQ will replace it at its expense. Please communicate with the FVQ in writing, specifying the invoice number and the equipment to be replaced. Please attach a photo of the damaged material to your request.

  Get on board and come to share your passion for sailing !

Many activities will be offered: topics for the general public and more specialized lectures.

Activities start at 9 am at Montreal Olympic stadium, at Regroupement Loisir et Sport du Québec, 4545 Pierre-de Coubertin.

General Assembly in the morining followed by conferences and workshops on various topics directly related with sailing. A cocktail, included in the inscription fees, is organized on saturday evening and during which we will announce the names of the 2017 laureates.

Please note that most presentations will be in french but questions and exchanges can be done bilingually.

Detailed Schedule pdf (french only)





Pleasure craft before the Québec Superior Court

André Benoit, specialist in navigation safety
In a recent case, which will likely make a precedent, the Québec Superior Court ordered a 1 300 000 $ compensation in favor of a suer who suffered of a neuropsycholic incpacity either partial or permanent of 15% following an accident.

The expert assessment described that the manoeuvre before the accident could be qualified as neglectul behavior.

The Court concluded that the skipper did not sail safely the boat and that he did not take all precautions required.

Presentation of a summary of the expertise and discussions on the facts underlying the Court's decision.

Customer Experience

Anne-Marie Royer, Head Adviser at Tourism Development AMR

  • How to set a new strategy of customer experience in place
  • Demonstration of how important it is to integrate a customer experience process in a structure
  • How the implementation of a customer experience process generates positive results by increasing both the number of customers and their loyalty

The conference presents the main aspects of customer experience and why this concept has become so popular in 2017. You will learn how to set this concept in place in your organization and how customer experience can increase the income of the enterprise by increasing customer loyalty.

Buying a used sailboat : what you have to be careful about

Guy Boulanger, Evaluating instructor, Québec Sailing / Sail Canada

Before buying a used Sailboat, it is important to check a few aspects in order to avoid the most common traps. Thanks to this conference, you will discover what to be careful about before spending your money

Navigation in heavy weather

Guylain Noël, Instructor Voile Québec.

Description coming soon !

Getting ready for the South

Luc Bernuy, author and navigator
You would love to head south with your sailboat ? Yet you do have quite a few unanswered questions delaying your departure ? Just come and listen to Luc Bernuy, a specialist when it comes to heading South, who will describe in 5 steps all you need to know before going to sea!

Catamaran practice, from Leisure to competition

Maxime Loiselle, athlete and business owner

Sailing on a catamaran in Québec, it definitely is possible! Maxime Loiselle, a specialist when it comes to catamarans, will help you learn about boats that are not yet as popular as they could be in our province. This conference is part of the Sailing Fair and will be free and open to everybody.

The Whitbread

Gilles Philippe Delorme, Navigator

The association Les Voiles de l'amitié is presenting its conference as part of our cycle. The subject is the famous and fascinating race around the world, the Whitbread

How to prepare your boat when facing heavy weather and hurricanes

Claire Lemieux, Guy Boulanger - Instructors and evaluators Voile Québec / Sail Canada

More and more often, our sailboats are facing heavy weather or even hurricanes. What are the possibilties to limit or avoid damages in extreme weather conditions? When at a port, at anchor, or on dryland, this conference based on the experiences of Claire and Guy will give you a few insights in the terrific conditions one can meet at sea, and on how to face them.

Alimentation on board

What to cook on a sailboat, and how to cook it ? It is definitely possible to manage a healthy and tasty alimentation at sea. Discover with this conference all the tips and tricks about alimentation on board.

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Updating on Cruising practices

Guy Boulanger, Normand Corbeil, Claire Lemieux - Voile Québec / Sail Canada Instructors

This updating is especially designed for instructors and Sailing School managers. Transport Canada norms, the efficient use of evaluation grids, an updating on how to efficiently teach manoeuvres are amongst the various subjects that will be discussed.

Video as a tool for teaching sailing

We all have a mobile phone, a tablet, a camera or a GoPro.These are wonderful tools for teaching that are right here in our pockets! By using appropriate techniques and applications, you will be able to use videos in order to help sailors improve their skills.

Strategic Planning

You are invited to discuss and debate about the future of Sailing in Québec.
More details (french only).

Updating on Dinghy practices

English version coming soon

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*Please note that this program is subject to change




2018 - Carmen Denis

Carmen Denis, un vent de passion

Carmen Denis est entraineuse niveau 4 et compte plus de 30 ans d’implication dans ce sport qui est sa passion. Elle a fait sa marque en région développant écoles de voile, programmes de compétition, adeptes, athlètes et instructeurs notamment en Mauricie, dans les Laurentides et maintenant en Montérégie.

Sa passion actuelle est le développement des jeunes. Avec des programmes tels que les Jardins nautiques, Voile à l’école et Sport-études, elle initie et développe des centaines de jeunes par année. Comme entraîneuse, elle fait sa marque en ayant inculqué la base à une grande majorité des athlètes québécois ayant performés sur la scène provinciale et nationale au cours des 15 dernières années. Nombre d’entre eux sont également devenu entraîneurs ou instructeurs.

Par le passé elle a également été entraineuse de l’équipe nationale en planche à voile et a accompagné dans leur développement des athlètes tels que Dominique Vallée et Alain Bolduc.

Ses deux filles, Caroline et Fannie, n’ont pas échappées à cette passion contagieuse qu’elle et Ernest leurs ont transmises puisqu’elles sont également des athlètes et entraineuses impliquées dans le développement de la voile.

Avec son désir de mettre la jeunesse en avant, Carmen est toujours là, avec sa joie et son bon vivant, pour aider ceux qui veulent, ceux qui peuvent, et ceux qui ont besoin de la voile. Carmen est dévouée à l'éducation et à la voile, car pour elle, la voile, c'est un sport pour la vie. C'est le sport de la vie.

Carmen Denis ne viendra pas vous coacher parce que vous êtes le meilleur, parce que vous avez les ressources ou le physique d’un futur athlète, mais parce qu’elle croit, dur comme fer, que la voile est un sport qui permet de s’épanouir, de s’accomplir et d’être heureux. Sa vision est une vision inclusive, elle offre le plaisir de se trouver soi-même dans la pratique de la voile. Ce n’est pas une chercheuse de tête, mais une donneuse de vocation. Combien de personnes sont à la pointe de leur domaine et dans le même temps disponible pour tous ? Sans doute trouverait-elle la question inutile, c’est simple dirait-elle, quand tu es passionné par ce que tu fais, tu le transmets. Alors c’est ce qu’elle a fait et qu’elle continue de faire, avec d’innombrables athlètes, entraineurs, bénévoles, marins et enseignants…

En plus d’être généreuse de son expérience et de son temps, elle joue un rôle clé dans le développement d’un premier programme Sport-études en voile, dans la formation et le développement des entraineurs et dans le développement de la voile au féminin. Elle est un mentor et un modèle pour plusieurs.

Voilà ici une entraîneur de renom, dévouée à la promotion du sport de la voile au Québec.

2018 - Fernand Desgagnés

Fernand Desgagnés, marin du Saint-Laurent et philanthrope

Desgagné.jpgNatif de Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive dans Charlevoix, l’eau salée du Saint-Laurent coule dans ses veines depuis son plus jeune âge. Dès l’enfance, Fernand navigue sur le fleuve avec son père et ses oncles à bord de goélettes familiales. Il découvre plusieurs villages de la Côte-Nord, du Bas-Saint-Laurent et de la Gaspésie à bord de la Jean Carmel et surtout de la Dauteuil II.

Jeune homme, il tente la carrière de marin à bord de navires commerciaux, mais c’est dans le secteur forestier qu’il trouvera sa voie. Entrepreneur dans l’âme, Fernand fonde avec des partenaires, les Produits Forestiers Béland. À force de travail et d’instinct, ses affaires réussissent bien. Toutefois, la passion du fleuve ne l’a jamais quitté et il y a constamment navigué comme plaisancier. Comme Fernand le dit parfois : « Le fleuve m’a beaucoup donné tout au long de ma vie, alors maintenant je tiens à le partager. »

Au cours des années, Fernand s’est impliqué de différentes manières afin de favoriser le dépassement de soi lors de régates. Depuis 1985, il a mis sur pied, en l’honneur de son père, le Défi-Voile Edmond Desgagnés. Cette coupe sert à récompenser les régatiers dans le cadre d’une course du circuit du Championnat Régional de Yachting de Québec (CRYQ) à Cap-à-l’Aigle.

Il a également mis en place le trophée Rose-des-Vents (ligne d’honneur) qui récompense le voilier franchissant en premier la ligne d’arrivée, sans égard à la classe ou au handicap. Ce trophée est offert gratuitement lors de différentes régates disputées aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine, dans la Baie des Chaleurs, à Rimouski, au Yacht Club de Québec, à la Coupe Fémina et au Championnat Régional de Yachting de Québec.

En plus de son implication dans les régates, Fernand tenait également à faire découvrir le fleuve Saint-Laurent à la population et plus particulièrement auprès des jeunes. C’est ainsi qu’avec des collaborateurs passionnés, il a mis sur pied le Défi international des jeunes marins. Cet organisme, fondé il y a près d’une quinzaine d’année, possède et exploite deux yoles de Bantry. Des sorties gratuites sont offertes durant l’été au public à partir du Yacht Club de Québec. En plus des sorties publiques, une équipe de compétition représente le Canada depuis plusieurs années à l’international lors de l’Atlantic Challenge.

Encore aujourd’hui, Fernand supporte plusieurs acteurs du monde de la voile comme le Roter Sand, la Marie-Clarisse et la Fédération de Voile du Québec afin de faire découvrir le monde de la mer aux jeunes.

2018 - Rodrigue Gagnon

Rodrigue Gagnon, octogénaire dans le vent

Après plus de 30 ans, Rodrigue Gagnon navigue et enseigne encore la voile. Il a formé beaucoup de gens qui sont devenus des marins, des instructeurs(trices) et a une façon magique de raconter ses expériences (ou celles des autres) pour appuyer les topos de voile. La matière passe donc très bien quand elle est bien racontée.

Instructeur au Centre Marin des Blanchons pendant plusieurs années au début des années 1980 sur Les nomades (voilier ouvert sans cabine fermée), il continue de donner de la formation depuis sa réaccréditation il y a environ dix ans. Ceux qui ont navigué avec lui en septembre 2018 entre Rimouski et Brandy Pot peuvent témoigner de sa solidité et de son enthousiasme. Il a même encore son voilier en acier Cassiopée au Yacht Club de Québec.

Toujours à l'œuvre, Rodrigue a encadré un stage intermédiaire cet été. Il continue à relever les défis et à s'investir jusqu'au bout! Il mérite tout notre respect et notre admiration.

2017 - Johann Tanzer



Johann Tanzer, Passionate World Class Boat Builder


Johann Tanzer was born in 1927 in the small village of Velden the heart of the Austrian Alps in the picturesque province of Carinthia. In 1941, at the age of 14, Johann Tanzer starts learning shipbuilding in the Valentin Feinig (Feinig Werft) boat yard. The establishment situated on the shores of the Wörthersee built sailing yachts, cruiser-racer and motor boats. The training process of shipwrights and shipbuilders at that time is taken very seriously and was very well structured on Austrian soil. Johann Tanzer managed to finish his apprenticeship before being drafted into the Navy on Jan. 3, 1945, his birthday. In 1955 he set out to try his luck in Canada, leaving his family behind him, for the time, until he found work. He arrived in Halifax with $ 20 in his pocket and a well-stocked toolbox. Shortly after in 1956, the rest of the Tanzer family immigrated to Canada.

After establishing himself in the Montreal area and gaining a formidable reputation as a Master Woodworker, some impromptu encounters, Johann Tanzer gets his first contracts for the construction of new boats. It was in 1958 that Pierre Desjardins and Michael Fish, members of the Canadian Olympic sailing team, entrusted the realization of two Flying Dutchman hulls for the games in Rome. « On the day of the Hudson Labor Day Regatta, I was impressed with the quality of construction of a rowboat that Johann had made » remembers M. Desjardins. These are the first two boats he built in Canada.

After outgrowing his garage and then his first shop in Hudson he moved to Dorion along route 17 in a building that serves as both a workshop on the ground floor and upstairs residence. These are the beginnings of the Tanzer Craft Company. In 1968, Tanzer Industries is born and Johann draws plans for two sailboats which he will be most proud of. On the drawing board, he lays the sum of his knowledge to build a boat that will be "strong enough to sail in a strong breeze, fast enough to make races, inexpensive for those of a modest income." Three principles that would make the Tanzer 22 one of the biggest hits of the Canadian marine industry with 2,270 boats built. These same boats competed as an Olympic class Sailboat during the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Among his accomplishments are the Tanzer 14, 16, 7.5, 26, 28, 8.5. His collaborations with other well-known Yacht Designers generated further “new age” sailboats including the Tanzer 10.5, and Tanzer 25 & 27 which were collaborations with French Naval Architects. With over 8000 sailboats built in North America across three manufacturing facilities at one time, Johann brought Quebec Sailboat manufacturing to the forefront in Quebec and made Quebec known globally for its Sailboat Design and Manufacturing.


2017 - Pierre Morel


C’est en 1983, alors qu’il travaillait au service des sports de Radio-Canada à Matane, que Pierre a commencé à s’intéresser au milieu de la voile.

À un an du 450e anniversaire de la Ville de la Ville de Gaspé, du Rendez-vous des grands voiliers et de la présentation de la Coupe du Golfe et bien évidemment de la 1e Transat Québec-Saint-Malo, il a décidé d’en apprendre davantage et grâce à une connaissance matanaise, qui se préparait lui aussi pour accueillir les voiliers de la transat à la bouée de Matane à l’été de 1984, il a alors commencé à naviguer.

En 1984, il a donc suivi passionnément la Transat Québec St-Malo et à la fin, il a même alimenté les dirigeants au plan des résultats…difficultés financières du comité. Il a aussi été le premier a annoncé la victoire de Royal, et ce, en direct grâce à un membre de la Société nautique de la Baie de St-Malo.


Jusqu’en 2002, il n’a jamais cessé de s’intéresser à ce monde et, avec ses deux fils, il a même acheté un voilier de 26 pieds, Eau-Lympe en 1999, voilier que nous avons toujours.

Entre temps, avec son ami Roger Lefèbvre, il avait aussi créé, en 1989, le Hublot, un journal pour les membres du Club de Yacht de Matane, journal qui a été publié à quelques éditions.

Avec la création de l’événement Cap sur Matane en 1997, qui mettait en le monde du nautisme, Pierre a repris l’idée du journal en plus de présider les festivités de Cap-sur Matane édition 1999. Quelques années après l’essoufflement des bénévoles a contraint le CYM a abandonné ces festivités.

Néanmoins, Pierre a décidé de relancer l’aventure du journal le Hublot devenu ensuite le Hubl’eau en publiant dès 2002 une vingtaine de numéros entre mai et octobre, lesquels étaient surtout consacrés aux membres du CYM. Constatant que le milieu de la voile évoluait toujours et que les courses se multipliaient, dès 2007, il se lance dans l’aventure de publier chaque semaine en ajoutant une dimension internationale et régionale.

Il établira alors des liens avec diverses marinas et des organisations de grandes cours comme le Vendée Globe, la Volvo Race et bien sûr plusieurs grandes équipes de courses, liens qu’il possède toujours.

Avec l’appui de quelques commanditaires, ce qui lui permettait d’empocher en moyenne une centaine de dollars par années, il a poursuivi inlassablement son aventure du Hubl’eau jusqu’en mai 2017, car alors atteint d’un cancer, il a décidé de mettre toute son énergie à combattre la maladie.

Aujourd’hui…en rémission, il doit réorienter sa vision de la vie, car les projets à long terme avaient été mis de côté.

Pour ce qui est de savoir s’il poursuit… il regarde par le Hubl’eau et cherche toujours sa réponse.

Le Hubl’eau

Journal nautique publié sur Internet et aussi envoyé à quelque 1 000 abonnés par semaine tous les vendredis matins.

Contenu de 2002 à 2006 principalement à caractère local et régional, il a ensuite ajouté une dimension internationale en s’intéressant aux grandes courses et défis du monde de la voile.

Le Hubl’eau ce sont des milliers de pages réparties dans 670 numéros.

2016 - Marie Giroux




ere are a few words to describe a woman passionate for art and nautical activities that left us too soon this summer: Marie Giroux.

After sailing Canadian waters for a long time, Marie Decided to combine her two passions, sailing and painting, and initiated the “Souffle Artistique!” project, first with Roberta Roy, a painter, and then later with Olivier Roussat, a sailing and navigation enthusiast. Over 15 years, the trio painted more than 40 sails and exposed them in Canada and France. Thanks to Marie’s energy and communicating skills, they were invited to the Paris Boat show 3 times and in various shows in Montréal and Québec City. All these events allowed Marie and “Souffle Artistique!” to network with many sailors and defenders of marine ecosystems both in Quebec and in France.

Marie founded in 2006 the “Voiles de l’Amitié!” association with the objective of mobilizing people about the maritime and environmental causes. Marie has always been very involved when it comes to environment, and she put a lots of efforts through her associations to share her concerns and hopes. Kids were also very important to her, so she got them involved as much as possible in the painting and signing of sails and through activities like shows and fundraisers. She cared a lot about Quebec’s maritime heritage, and that’s why she also got involved to preserve and refit the Grosse-Île schooner.

Marie left a strong impression on people with her smile, her contagious happiness, and her generosity. Her organizer skills gave birth to many art and sailing related events and fostered them to become what they now are.

Thank you Marie, we will miss you.

2016 - Normand Corbeil






Normand has been deeply involved time within Sail Canada and Quebec Sailing’s committees, and his contribution was paramount to shape what the cruising programs are today. Normand has been an instructor since 1982, is one of Sail Canada’s senior evaluator, and member of the Auxiliary Coast Guard and the Power and Sail Squadron, He also wrote parts of the books “Initiation à la Croisière” and “Voile Intermédiaire” and most of “Navigation Côtière” and contributed to the training material for new instructors .

As an instructor, Normand sailed over 70 000 nautical miles and has passed on his knowledge to over 1200 trainees. He certified over 300 instructors who have since transmitted their knowledge and passion and continued his work to improve the access to the marine environment and cruising lifestyle. The sailing community will always need people like Normand that can transmit their unflinching passion for sailing.

2015 - Peter Johnston


Peter Johnston est reconnu par tous les membres du Yacht Club de Québec (YCQ) comme étant un homme passionné de la voile. Membre au YCQ pendant 26 ans (1989 - 2015), il  est reconnu pour sa ponctualité et son dévouement. Depuis les 18 dernières années, il s’impliquait particulièrement au sein du comité de courses. Il aimait juger la ligne de départ / arrivée et s’impliquait dans les inscriptions, la compilation des résultats, etc. Son implication a été honorée à deux reprises par le YCQ. Ceux-ci lui ont remis la canne à pommeau d’or en 2004 et en 2009, soulignant le travail bénévole d’un membre.

« La plupart du temps, on le retrouvait assis sur le banc près de la passerelle, qui sera renommé et dédié en son honneur,  il était toujours souriant, chaleureux  et prêt à aider ceux qui avaient par exemple oublié leur carte d’accès ».

2015 - René Dallaire


2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Rene's introduction of adapted sailing to Quebec.

Challenging his (and most people's) scepticism that quadriplegics could sail, he accepted Sam Sullivan's invitation to go to BC to 'try out' sailing in the fledgling Mobility Cup. So thrilled by the experience, he came back determined to start a similar program here in Quebec.

A boat was leased in 1995 and offered sailing at Ile Notre Dame until an agreement was made with PCYC in 1996 and the first boat was purchased.

In 2014, a total of 209 participants enjoyed the AQVA's youth, leisure and competitive sailing programs.

Rene is the first to admit he did not accomplish this alone. Yet beyond his executive involvement in the AQVA, Rene played (and still plays) a crucial role in developing adapted sailing in Quebec. On one level, his iconic presence as a quadriplegic sailor has inspired people to get involved, to donate, and to challenge their views. On another level, Rene's passion for sailing has inspired people with disabilities to look beyond their own limiting beliefs and to try it. And in addition to the sportsmanship he exudes when competing in regattas every season, Rene has made it his endeavour to continuously promote sailing as the safe, inclusive, and enriching experience we know it to be.


2014 - André Huot


For over fifteen years, Andrew Huot has devoted himself to the cause of sailors in Quebec.
Locally involved at the Quebec Yacht Club,International Sailing, Georges Leblanc and with the Canadian Power Squadron, he also gave time and energy at the provincial level by serving on more committees and working groups that we can count and this, with theQuebec Marine Association, Transport Quebec, Transport Canada and the Quebec SailingFederation
All have been able to take advantage of his expertise in public and governmental relations.
André has also been involved in organizing several activities for boaters, be it theNewfoundland Flottilla 2000 or the Regatta / Cruise  from Trois-Rivières to Sept-Iles.

His greatest legacy, however, is unquestionably the activities organized as part of celebrations for the 400th anniversary of Quebec City in 2008: Retour aux Sources and La Grande Traversée de l’Atlantique that allowed hundreds of sailors to cross theAtlantic for the first time. Even today, families go on sabbatical over the Atlantic as a result of the 2008 activities.
Thank you André for your passion, your vision and your dedication to cruising!

2012 - Armand Blais

Armand is 87 years old and has been a CVDM member for 43 years... and he still sails alone on his HR 25! Sailing is a part of his life and keeps him going. At times a race official, competitor and now a leisure sailor, his passion for the sport is always evident. He kindly passes on advice to youth through a good word and a pat on the back for encouragement. In short, Armand's tenacity is an example for us all! Well done!

2010 - Michel Koury

Over the years, M. Koury has made significant contributions to sailing in Quebec. Owner of the store Le centre de voile du Québec, M. Koury set up shop on Fleury street in 1955 with his father and two brothers Camille and Gabriel. A sailing artisan specializing in dinghies and catamarans, he was present for over 25 consecutive years at the Montreal Boat Show.

2010 - Marc Landry


Marc’s contribution as manager of the AQVA has been invaluable. He took part in all decisions and actively participated in the organization of events. He took care of accounting and took on the role of Treasurer on both a local and provincial level. He was also a key person in ensuring sailboat repair and maintenance. His garage had become the dry dock of the association and his property was our winter storage location.
Over the years, Marc became the person among us all who most improved his sailing abilities. In this way, he was our leader. From 1999 to 2008, Marc multiplied his victories on the race course. Above all, he was an outstanding companion in regattas, with a sportsmanly attitude and respected by all.

2010 - Jacques Gingras

He had great contribution to many organizations, but the cause most close to his heart was without a doubt the world of sailing. As such, he was president of the Transat Québec St-Malo for many years. He also participated in the creation of the Vieux Port and de la Chaudière marinas. His final boat, the Papy Jack, represented him well: solid, uncomplicated and full of soul.

2010 - Brian Palfreeman


In a distinguished sailing career, which began during his boyhood in Essex, England, and continued over the next sixty years in Canada, Brian’s achievements as a competitive sailor were numerous. The most notable of these were in the Tornado Class, where as members of the National Team preparing for the 1976 Olympics, he and Madeleine represented Canada, with much success, at numerous events around the world. An impressive array of trophies, won in a wide range of sailboats, attest to his skill as a yachtsman but do not tell the story of what he gave back to sailing as a whole and to the Pointe- Claire Yacht Club in particular.
Brian was a true sportsman and his love of sailing extended far beyond his personal record of success on the racing scene. As a Sail Canada National Level Judge, Brian was widely-known and well-respected in sailing circles. He served in various positions on the PCYC Executive, and was the Regatta Chairman for events held at PCYC from World and National to International Championships.
Together with Madeleine he was a strong supporter of the AQVA and the PCYC Squadron. He will be remembered for his contribution to the success of their racing programmes. His pragmatic approach coupled with a sense of humour enabled Brian to get things done on many fronts ranging from organizing and running regattas, measuring, competing, judging, establishing the Etchells Class at P.C.Y.C. amd sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow sailors, to fixing club boats in his garage during the winter and even beachcombing along the shores of Lake St-Louis to retrieve wayward racing buoys.
To dwell solely on his achievements on the water would not do justice to Brian’s participation in and enjoyment of the social activities of the club. The jostling and joshing over a pint at the bar after an evening race or a long day on the water, to say nothing of the serious partying at Club Dinners and memorable Hudson Labour Day Regattas; these activities will never be quite the same. However, with Madeleine as our Commodore we will work together to deal with our loss and strive to keep alive the spirit of comradeship which we will always associate with Brian.
We, the P.C.Y.C community, thank you Brian for all you have done over the years to bring credit to the club and provide us with memories which we will always cherish.

2010 - Ate (Art) de Vries


Art was always out on the course, rain or shine, as long as there was wind. He was the driving force behind his club's (IPYC) racing program, encouraging participation and running informal clinics to entice non-racing members. Art instituted a handicap race at his club where if you won, the next year the time handicap would be stacked against you so that newcomers would also have a chance to win. (This annual race has since been renamed the Art De Vries Memorial Cup).

Art was a fierce competitor but always said he was there for fun. He enjoyed tight racing but always encouraged his club's members to "do your turns or retire" if a foul was called. He hated the idea of spending time in a protest room as this was not his idea of fun. He would much rather settle things in a friendly manner over a beer. If notified after a race that someone thought his boat had acted improperly, he would listen to the complaint and, if it had merit, he would retire. The foul was a chance for everyone to learn and this was more important than the outcome of the race. Winning was not as important to Art as having a clean race. At the end of a race, Art always had sincere and cheerful congratulatory words and a wave to those who beat him or a word proclaiming his luck if he beat you.

Art is the only person that I have ever known to e-mail me following a race to apologize for some words spoken in the heat of battle, and even those words were pretty tame compared to today's language.

- Bill Strath, Sailing Master BDYC

Art was a true gentleman, both on & off the water.

- Margaret Strath


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