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Attention to all Quebec Sailing Federation members, sailing enthusiasts and our partners,

Dear members,

We have always done our best to keep our website bilingual. We apologise that given the flow of information related to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the initiatives we have had to develop in order to support your clubs and help them meet the public health authorities requirements, we are not currently able to keep up with the translation of our website.
We would like to thank the volunteers that have helped us with translation so far and invite anyone who can help us with translation of any section of the website to submit the text to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Our priority currently goes toward any official document that will be needed for the clubs to operate.
We thank you for your understanding,
The FVQ team.  

Please refer to the French page for the current measure.

All the best for the 2021 season,

Natalie Matthon
Executive Director of the Quebec Sailing Federation

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Updted July 30th, 2020 

Payment terms and refund policy.

The currency used thoughtout the site is in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Payment for most of our products and services can be made through the Realex online payment service (governed by Global Payments) or by cheque mailed directly to the Fédération de voile du Québec (FVQ) at 4545 Pierre-de- Coubertin, Montreal (Qc) H1V 0B2. It is also possible to provide credit card numbers by phone to the FVQ at 514 252-3097.

Payment for goods and services purchased from the FVQ are payable in full immediately or according to the specific terms stated at registration. A purchase made by cheque or call is not considered final until the cheque's receipt or when the credit card has been validated with the credit agency. Thus no material will be shipped or no place will be confirmed in a training until the amount due is received.

In the event that payment is not received within 10 working days of registering for a training or activity, the FVQ reserves the right to grant the reserved place to another participant.

All trainings must be paid for before it takes place. No participant will be admitted without having paid the sums due.


Cheque that bouces
An administrative fee of $ 15 will be billed in addition for any cheque that bounces.


Cancellation by the participant registered for a training activity
Any cancellation of registration for a training activity must be sent as soon as possible and ideally at least seven days before the start of the training, in writing to the FVQ specifying the title of the training, the date of the activity, name of the registered participant (s) and the reason for the cancellation.

In case of cancellation before the start of the training, the costs will be reimbursed in full.

In the event of cancellation once the training has started, the required fees will be as follows:

• the cost for the portion of the training already taken;
• a penalty, provided for by law, equivalent to the lesser of the following amounts: $ 50 or 10% of the value of the portion of the training that was not taken by the participant.

Absence of a participant
If a participant does not show up for a training activity for which he is formally registered, for any reason whatsoever, no refund will be granted.

Cancellation or postponement of the activity by the FVQ
The FVQ reserves the right to cancel a training activity or to postpone it if the number of participants does not reach the minimum required or if the planned trainer is no longer available on the scheduled date of the activity.
In either case, participants will be notified as soon as possible, ideally a minimum of three (3) working days before the training activity.

If the activity is canceled, the payment already made will be fully refunded.

If the activity is postponed, the participant can choose to obtain a full refund or maintain their registration for the new date of the training activity.

Receipt of damaged material
If the ordered material received is damaged, the FVQ will replace it at its expense. Please communicate with the FVQ in writing, specifying the invoice number and the equipment to be replaced. Please attach a photo of the damaged material to your request.

  Get on board and come to share your passion for sailing !

Many activities will be offered: topics for the general public and more specialized lectures.

Activities start at 9 am at Montreal Olympic stadium, at Regroupement Loisir et Sport du Québec, 4545 Pierre-de Coubertin.

General Assembly in the morining followed by conferences and workshops on various topics directly related with sailing. A cocktail, included in the inscription fees, is organized on saturday evening and during which we will announce the names of the 2017 laureates.

Please note that most presentations will be in french but questions and exchanges can be done bilingually.

Detailed Schedule pdf (french only)





Pleasure craft before the Québec Superior Court

André Benoit, specialist in navigation safety
In a recent case, which will likely make a precedent, the Québec Superior Court ordered a 1 300 000 $ compensation in favor of a suer who suffered of a neuropsycholic incpacity either partial or permanent of 15% following an accident.

The expert assessment described that the manoeuvre before the accident could be qualified as neglectul behavior.

The Court concluded that the skipper did not sail safely the boat and that he did not take all precautions required.

Presentation of a summary of the expertise and discussions on the facts underlying the Court's decision.

Customer Experience

Anne-Marie Royer, Head Adviser at Tourism Development AMR

  • How to set a new strategy of customer experience in place
  • Demonstration of how important it is to integrate a customer experience process in a structure
  • How the implementation of a customer experience process generates positive results by increasing both the number of customers and their loyalty

The conference presents the main aspects of customer experience and why this concept has become so popular in 2017. You will learn how to set this concept in place in your organization and how customer experience can increase the income of the enterprise by increasing customer loyalty.

Buying a used sailboat : what you have to be careful about

Guy Boulanger, Evaluating instructor, Québec Sailing / Sail Canada

Before buying a used Sailboat, it is important to check a few aspects in order to avoid the most common traps. Thanks to this conference, you will discover what to be careful about before spending your money

Navigation in heavy weather

Guylain Noël, Instructor Voile Québec.

Description coming soon !

Getting ready for the South

Luc Bernuy, author and navigator
You would love to head south with your sailboat ? Yet you do have quite a few unanswered questions delaying your departure ? Just come and listen to Luc Bernuy, a specialist when it comes to heading South, who will describe in 5 steps all you need to know before going to sea!

Catamaran practice, from Leisure to competition

Maxime Loiselle, athlete and business owner

Sailing on a catamaran in Québec, it definitely is possible! Maxime Loiselle, a specialist when it comes to catamarans, will help you learn about boats that are not yet as popular as they could be in our province. This conference is part of the Sailing Fair and will be free and open to everybody.

The Whitbread

Gilles Philippe Delorme, Navigator

The association Les Voiles de l'amitié is presenting its conference as part of our cycle. The subject is the famous and fascinating race around the world, the Whitbread

How to prepare your boat when facing heavy weather and hurricanes

Claire Lemieux, Guy Boulanger - Instructors and evaluators Voile Québec / Sail Canada

More and more often, our sailboats are facing heavy weather or even hurricanes. What are the possibilties to limit or avoid damages in extreme weather conditions? When at a port, at anchor, or on dryland, this conference based on the experiences of Claire and Guy will give you a few insights in the terrific conditions one can meet at sea, and on how to face them.

Alimentation on board

What to cook on a sailboat, and how to cook it ? It is definitely possible to manage a healthy and tasty alimentation at sea. Discover with this conference all the tips and tricks about alimentation on board.

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Updating on Cruising practices

Guy Boulanger, Normand Corbeil, Claire Lemieux - Voile Québec / Sail Canada Instructors

This updating is especially designed for instructors and Sailing School managers. Transport Canada norms, the efficient use of evaluation grids, an updating on how to efficiently teach manoeuvres are amongst the various subjects that will be discussed.

Video as a tool for teaching sailing

We all have a mobile phone, a tablet, a camera or a GoPro.These are wonderful tools for teaching that are right here in our pockets! By using appropriate techniques and applications, you will be able to use videos in order to help sailors improve their skills.

Strategic Planning

You are invited to discuss and debate about the future of Sailing in Québec.
More details (french only).

Updating on Dinghy practices

English version coming soon

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*Please note that this program is subject to change



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