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2022 Annual Cruising Instructors' Conference

Schedule & Rates


Get onboard and come exchange with sailing enthusiasts!


What is the Annual Conference ?

→ It is several discussions and conferences about sailing cruising that are presented to you throughout the day;

→ It is the perfect opportunity to exchange with other sailing enthusiasts;

→ It is the opportunity to update your knowledge and certifications as a cruise instructor through the new smplified recertification process that comes into effect this year (see below for more information)





Registering for the Annual Conference is an investment in :

  • In its continuing education as well as in the comfort and safety of its passengers and other water users;
  • In the development of enriching programs such as Sailing to School and Mobile Sailing, etc...

Did you know? The annual convention allows the financing of the Federation's activities. Thanks to the Placements Sports program, you are invited to make a donation that will be used to finance our activities and services.

These donations are eligible for a tax receipt for you and a matching grant for Voile Québec. Until last year our matching grant was 230%. It is now 380%! A $50 donation becomes a $240 donation! This is an incredible opportunity to raise additional funds for Voile Québec's projects and activities. Even more so this year, your support is important because it is quadrupled by the Placements Sports grant.

Thank you for your support!


When & where is the Conference?

→ Sunday November 6th, 2022, from 8h30 am to 6h30 pm. 

At the Maison du Loisir et du Sport (7665 Bd Lacordaire, Montreal, QC H1S 2A7).

Possibility to participate online (for those who cannot attend the event)


Tarifs congrès 2022 eng02* When you register, you will be asked to make a donation that will be used to finance the operations of the FVQ. This donation is eligible for Placement Sports and allows you to receive an additional grant on donations. This funding is an essential resource for the FVQ to continue its activities and services. Thank you for your support!





 New simplified recertification process

→ Attend the Annual Conference 3 times in your certification cycle and receive +5 years of recertification (conditions apply).

In fact, the +1 year extension on your certifications on simply attending the Annual Conference is no longer effective.

→ See the document for more information on Sailing Canada's new recertification process or please contact us by email (geo (@)

→ If you need to present a pedagogical topo at the conference, please email us before October 9 at (geo (@) to confirm your registration for a group, if not already done.



Full Schedule 2022

 Horaire Congrès 2022 05

                                                                      * May be subject to changes








Thanks to our supporters!

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