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Newletter registration

To Register

There are many different ways to become a member of the FVQ. You may already be an member and not even know it! 

Why be a Member of the FVQ? 

Main services provided to members by the FVQ

What is an Individual Member?

Individual Members are all persons interested in sailing, and includes all of the following sub-groups:


  • Any person certified as a Sail Canada Coach or Instructor. 

How to become a Sail Canada Cruising Instructor or Sail Canada Dinghy Instructor.   

Athlete (Quebec Sailing Team) 

  • Any person that is part of the Quebec Sailing Team and has paid their dues.

How to join the Quebec Sailing Team

Race Official or Judge Member

  • Any person certified as a Sail Canada Race Officer or Judge.

How to become a Sail Canada Race officer of Judge.

Club Member 

  • To become a club member, please contact the club directly (their contact information is available in the Affiliated Clubs directory). Please note that club members are automaticaly members of the FVQ as long as the club has provided us with their mmber list and has paid the related fees.
  • Membership criteria and fees to become a club member are up to the club.

School Training Member 

  • Are you planning to take a sailing lesson this summer? You must become an FVQ Training Member. This membership, at a cost of $10/year (payable only during years when you take a sailing course), gives you access to FVQ services and insures that the training program and certification you will receive are recognised by the FVQ and Sail Canada.
    • A majority of dinghy sailing school include the FVQ membership in their registration fees, so you are already a School Training Member. If you are unsure, check with your school.
    • A majority of cruising school ask their training participants to register directly with the FVQ to become FVQ training members. 

Membership Form

  • Additional Information: 
    • To find out what the difference is between dinghy sailing and cruising.
    • Consult the cruising and dinghy sailing school directory.

Individual Member not belonging to any club (independant)

  • You do not belong to any club and are not planning to take a sailing lesson this summer?  You can still support the FVQ’s activities and benefit from becoming a member.
    • Thanks to the financial support of our members, we are able to increase the support to clubs and schools, help to develop athletes, instructors and coaches, as well as develop new programs. The dues also help support training, competition, recreation and promotional activities.
    • Through its participation on many forums, the Federation also promotes and defends the views of its members and boaters.  For instance, we are currently working with ‘Tourism Québec’ in developing a “Strategic plan to develop and market the nautical network in Quebec”.  In addition, we permanently sit on the National Recreational Boating Advisory Council (NRBAC) whose primary mandate is to make recommendations to Transport Canada on everything related to boating.

 Membership Form

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Individual Member Fees

Annual Dues 

  Club     Training Individual  Instructor/Coach Athlete Official/Judge
Price per Age:             
  • Adults
$ 34 $ 12 $ 34 $ 160 Depends on program $ 0
  • Under 18 years
$ 14 $ 12 $ 14 $ 160 Depends on program $ 0
Pay Dues to The  Club School or FVQ FVQ Sail Canada FVQ NA


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Thanks to our supporters!

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