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Annual institutional membership dues are determined by the type and volume of activity of the organization. To do so, membership dues are composed of a base fee to which is added a school registration fee (if applicable) and a member/participant fee based on the number of people receiving services from the organization (club members or school training participants).

The annual dues cover both the affiliation to the Quebec Sailing Federation and to Sail Canada. The amount of the dues is adopted annually by the Board of Directors.

The complete payment must be made to the Quebec Sailing Federation, which will transfer its share to Sail Canada*.

Annual dues 2017 – Institutional Members Club School Camp Class Association Corporation Association
Base fee $ 216 $ 216 $ 216 $ 216 $ 216 $ 102
+ Sailing School option $ 162 1 $ 162        
+ $ / club member – adult # x $35          
+ $ / club member – less than 18 yrs # x $14          
+ $ / training member   # x $ 12        

*Transfer to Sail Canada  =   $100 of club and school base fee;  $10/adult member; $6/dinghy training member.
1 If applicable

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A club can provide many types of services or activities to its members and can take many formats. Some clubs are made up of a group of sailors or racers without any fixed location or buildings, others are marinas providing complete services. When those services include sailing lessons, the club must also be registered as a sailing school and follow sailing school’s rules and regulations.

Annual club dues are determined by the volume of activity of the club. This is measured by the number of its club members. According to the Federation’s bylaws and rules to which they subscribe, clubs must declare all their members and supply a complete list of them to the Federation. Upon receiving the annual dues and the member list, Quebec Sailing Federation (FVQ) and Sail Canada affiliation certificates are issued and sent to the club. Individual member cards are sent directly to members declared on the list provided by the club, upon the club’s request.

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To register your club as an FVQ member, please read the Affiliation Policy, and contact the FVQ by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.l, or by phone at 514 252-3097.

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