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Québec Sailing offers a boat safety course in order to be prepared to face difficult situations when driving a boat. The course includes both practice and theory, and gives attendees tools and methods to react when things go wrong on the water.

Note that in order to attend the boat safety course, you must have at least a five hour experience in driving motor boats. If you do not have this experience nor a certificate from your sailing school, you will have to follow a boat driving course offered by the FVQ on half a day. Registration form is at the bottom of this page.

Course content

The course if divided into two parts, a practical part and a theoretical part.

Theory Part:

  • Boat and equipment checks;
  • Basic maintenance;
  • Basic engine and boat control
  • Knowledge of major traumas and emergencies (hypothermia, heat stroke, dehydration…);
  • Mandatory safety equipment and recommended equipment;

Practical Part:

  • Maneuver in a narrow space;
  • Manage the impact of speed on the manoeuver;
  • Anchor a boat taking into account the wind and waves ;
  • Help to redress a cap sized boat;
  • Tow (control of different towing and approaching techniques);
  • Rescue a person overboard;
  • How to dock a boat;
  • Basic seamanship and knowledge of knots for the security (bowline knot, cleat knot, fisherman’s knot and clove hitch);
  • Stop at a buoy according to the orientation of the wind and current, and attach to it;
  • Etc.


The following schedule is applicable from May 2019
Most of the theory part will be done online thanks to a Webinar with a learning-facilitator. The duration of this part is between 2h30 and 3 hours. The practical part will be on water, at a sailing school, from 8h30 to 18h30. For the 2018 training, refer to the calendar.


To register click here !

Questions? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us at 514 252-3097.

Offshore safety & survival training


Whether you are an offshore racer, a seasoned skipper or a crew member headed offshore, we invite you to learn how to prevent damages and injuries on a seagoing sailboat and how to react and lead a crew in emergency situations.
This intensive training includes participatory exercices and lectures, equipment demonstrations and practical exercises. Participants need to be in good physical condition as there will be wet drill in a pool, including emergency simulation training involving foul weather gear swimming and life raft boarding and righting.


Monday Group

Thursday Group

Date & Time

Monday March 1st, 6-8 PM

Monday March 8, 6-8 PM

Monday March 15, 6-8 PM

Monday March 22, 6-8 PM

Monday March 29, 6-8 PM

Monday April 5, 6-8 PM

Practical exercises: in April (to be confirmed according to the evolution of the COVID situation)

Date & Time

Thursday March 4, 6-8 PM

Thursday March 11, 6-8 PM

Thursday March18, 6-8 PM

Thursday March 25, 6-8 PM

Thursday April 1st, 6-8 PM

Thursday April 8, 6-8 PM

Practical exercises: in April (to be confirmed according to the evolution of the COVID situation)


Theoretical sessions will take place online, by videoconference.


Theoretical sessions will take place online, by videoconference.


FVQ Member: 490$ + Membership

Non-member: 560$

Sail Canada Instructor: 490$



FVQ Member: 490$ + Membership

Non-member: 560$

Sail Canada Instructor : 490$





The participant must bring his own Personal Floating Device (PFD), one rearming kit if it is an inflatable one, and foul weather gear. Please take into account that it will be submerged in chlorinatedpool water then rinced after the end of the exercices.


SSAL quillard



Training content
  • Selection, maintenance and inspection of security equipment suitable for offshore sailing:

      • PFD (traditional and inflatable), security harnesses and lifelines.
      • Life rafts, inflation and release mechanisms and casting off techniques.
      • Communications tools between craft, land and /or rest of the fleet.
      • Emergency signals and beacons used to facilitate search & rescue.
      • Fire prevention and fire-fighting equipment.
      • Storm sails, floating anchors, drogues and emergency rudders.

  • Man overboard prevention and recovery techniques
  • Weather forecasts: how to get them offshore, interpretation and proactive decision-making.
  • Heavy weather: how to prepare the crew and the boat on deck and inside.
  • Storm sails and heavy weather sailing: equipment and techniques to sail in strong winds and big waves with minmal damage and injury risk.
  • Damage control and repair: how to deal with water ingress, fire, grounding and dismasting.
  • Hypothermia: how to prevent it onboard, in the water and in the life raft.
  • Deploying, righting and boarding a life raft.
  • Serach and rescue and providing assistance to another boat
  • Abandoning ship: when, why, and how.


This training meets ISAF requirements and is designed to prepare skippers and crewmembers to minimize risks and injuries on board and react promptly to damages and emergencies at sea. The training is adapted to modern sailing technology, either cruising or racing. All instructors are survival at sea experts, experienced seamen and professional sailing instructors with proven teaching skills. All instructors have been trained by Canada's leading offshore racers and experienced sea survival instructors.


For any questions:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(514) 252-3097.









Why Support the “Get Kids Sailing” Project

On top of introducing different communities to sailing, developing the “Get Kids Sailing” project will:

  • encourage a healthier lifestyle in different communities
  • encourage communities to acknowledge their local marine environment
  • raise awareness toward environmental issues
  • retain instructors and experienced Learning-Facilitators by offering a longer period of employment
  • create new jobs
  • encourage the renewal of sailing instruction equipment


How to support the project

There are many ways to support us in the development of this project :


Aviva Community Fund Contest

We invite all our supporters to register with Aviva right away. You can’t find us? type “32249” in the “search for an idea” box.

More information on the Aviva Community Fund Contest :

  • by participating to this contest we can be eligible to funding up to $100,000
  • overall, 30 projects will reach the final
  • the top 5 of each category will reach the final
  • our project is in the “Community Resilience” category
  • a jury will announce the winner amongst the 30 finalists on December 2nd

If you have difficulty voting, you may refer to the Questions and Answers about our Aviva Community Fund Idea at the bottom of the page.  


Donations and Placements Sports

Every contribution and donation helps us develop and implement the « Get Kids Sailing » project.

“Placements Sports” will match any donation by 230%. In other word for a donation of $100, Placements Sports will add $230, the donation is now worth $330! We are able to issue tax receipts for every donation over $25. To give us a donation or for more information click here!


Get involved in the project

In order to help us develop our project, we need people with the desire to get involved. If you are interested, click here!


Questions and Answers about our Aviva Community Fund Idea

Section under construction! French only for now!

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Il ne reste que quelques jours pour se classer comme finaliste et s’assurer de revenus supplémentaires qui nous vaudraient alors un minimum de 15 000$ et pourrait atteindre plus de 100 000$.

Nous estimons qu’en moyenne, nos supporters votent 1 jour / 3 et qu’ils sont actuellement au nombre d’environ 900 personnes.

Nous avons chacun plus de monde que cela dans nos réseaux immédiats. Rappelons à tous l’importance de voter chaque jour (il ne reste que quelques jours, après c’est fini!) et recrutons des personnes supplémentaires (les enfants aussi ont droit de vote, avec permission parentale).

Je ne trouve pas votre idée parmi les autres:

Pour facilement trouver notre idée sur le site du Fond Communautaire d'Aviva:

Écrivez « 32249 » dans la boîte « Rechercher une idée »

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Le message d’erreur d’Aviva est erroné : au lieu de dire qu’ils doivent se connecter avant de voter,  le message indique « que leur compte n’a pas été validé ».

Marche à suivre avant de cliquer pour voter :

  • Aller dans le menu
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  • Une fois dans leur profil, vous pouvez choisir notre projet et voter.
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 Mobile sailing Program

Sailing is on a Quebec great tour to initiate the population and pass on our passion!



You are a community, a marina, a camping ground located nearby a water source and you would like us to come to provide your members with sailing courses?

The 2022 edition is coming!

The Quebec Sailing Federation (FVQ) is pleased to launch for another consecutive year its Mobile sailing program!

What is the Mobile sailing program?

A trailer with half-dozen sailing boats and two certified instructors will cross the province and stop in different areas, campgrounds, water stations, camps, but also at public events to give sailing introductions to people that have never sailed before.

Over 3500 km will be traveled by our mobile certified instructors’ squad and our fleet of Topper™ sailing boats.

It is a unique program across Canada that allows people, which never necessarily had the idea of discovering dinghy sailing before, to test it and give it a try!

Adults and children will discover a new sensation while being under the supervision of our instructors who are also raising awareness on water safety issues. 

To sum up, our goal is to make sailing activities available to everyone!


Interested? Contact us!

👉 by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
👉 by phone 514 252 3097 

Voile Mobile 2022 Package (french version only)
Voile Mobile Agreement (french version only)

  2022 Dates

June 21st and 22nd: Cité étudiante de la Haute-Gatineau, Déléage

July 2nd and 3rd: Club de voile des Iles, St Gédéon
July 4th to 8th: Municipality of Alma
July 18th to 22nd: Municipality of Valleyfield
July 23rd and 24th: Municipality of Les Coteaux, Festival Nautique
July 30th to August 1st: Club de voile de Matane

August 6th to 12th: Club Nautique Baie Comeau
15th to 19th: Municipality of St Félix d'Otis
22nd to 24th: Municipality of Ferland and Boileau




Interested in sponsoring the program and/or making a donation?

To carry out this project, the Quebec Sailing Federation is constantly looking for partners and donors interested in promoting sailing sports as well as outdoor activities.

Through a minimum donation of $ 25, we can more than double the amount of your donation through the "Placements Sports" Program. Information is available by clicking here.



Thanks to our supporters!

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