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Dans le cadre des formations pour devenir instructeur et animateur de voile certifié par Voile Canada, il est depuis 2021 obligatoire de suivre une formation sur la sécurité dans le sport. 

Cette formation offerte en ligne par Coach Canada a pour objectif principal de lutter et de prévenir les abus et harcèlements dans le milieu sport. 

D'une durée de 90 minutes et valide pour 5 ans cette formation sur la pratique sécuritaire dans le sport est donc un préalable pour enseigner la voile partout au Canada. 

Lien pour la formation : https://safesport.coach.ca/fr


Cette nouvelle formation vient s'ajouter aux obligations déjà existentes à savoir : 

  • Vérification des antécédents judiciaires OBLIGATOIRE  (valide 5 ans)
  • Module de prise de décisions éthiques (obligatoire dans le cadre du cours fondamental pour instructeurs dériveur)


Plusieurs codes de conduites ont été mis en place et doivent être respect par tous, administrateur, entraineur, participants... 

La sécurité de tous est au coeur de nos priorités et nous nous engageons à créer un environnement de pratique sécuritaire et respecteux. 

Vous subissez des abus dans votre sport, n'hésitez pas à porter plainte et à aller chercher de l'aide

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The 2001 Canada Shipping Act and its associated regulations provide the regulatory framework that governs pleasure and non-pleasure vessel operations in Canada.The 2014 Recreational Boating Standard (TP15136) implemented through the Small Vessel Compliance Program for Recreational Boating Schools provides a mechanism by which schools and training operations may continue to operate without meeting the full requirements of a commercial operation.

The benefit of joining the program

Adherence to the Standard for Pleasure Boating Schools (on water training) by respecting the various educational and technical requirements proposed, as well as the school's registration in the Small Vessel Compliance Program (SVCP), grant the school a status which allows it to benefit from certain regulatory improvements, as regards:

  • The obligation to meet the certification requirements for instructors stipulated in the Marine Personnel Regulations (MPR) as to the type of certificate required,
  • The application of more severe measures in the construction of the boat;
  • The registration and registration of vessels in the Canadian Register of Vessels;
  • The number and type of safety equipment to be carried on board.


Voile Québec  (* = currently in french only)

Présentation de la norme TP 15136 pour les gestionnaires de clubs et écoles *

Procédure d'inscription pour les écoles homologuées de la FVQ *

Synthèse du processus de reconnaissance TP 15136 *

Guide d'application de la norme TP 15136 *

Guide d'application du permis d'embarcation de plaisance *

Transport Canada

Transport Canada Standard for recreational boating schools TP 15136

Recreational boating school report (80-0028E)

Small Vessel Compliance Program (SVCP)




Thanks to a collaborative effort by the government, sports federations and various stakeholders that make up the Quebec sports community, a policy to protect the integrity of the individual is being implemented in all Quebec sports federations.

This new policy, which includes an independent officer to handle complaints, will establish a climate of confidence so that victims can expose abusers and file a complaint without fear of reprisals. From now on, the whistleblowing process will be standardized and equitable, and complaints will be analyzed objectively and independently.

For Isabelle Charest, the Government of Quebec’s Minister for Education and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, this is a major step in the world of sport, since up to now, each federation processed complaints differently, due to a lack of resources. “Since I became Minister, it has been really important for me that tools be put in place to improve the processing of complaints in the sports community. Thanks to the incredible work done in collaboration with the RLSQ, Sport’Aide and sports federations, starting today our federations will have access to a turnkey tool to manage cases of abuse and harassment. This is an approach that prioritizes the well-being of victims and which will allow complaints to be treated professionally. This is a very large step for the sporting world and I wish to thank all partners who have made this possible.”



Consult the policy of the Quebec Sailing Federation and procedures regarding the protection of the integrity (French only).


 Click on this buton to file a complaint (abuse or harassment)

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Sport’Aide is here for you

Sport’Aide services are also available to you, whether you are a victim or a witness. Confidential and available at all times, click here or on the banner to know their service.





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