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• I operate both a dinghy sailing school and a cruising school; do I have to pay twice?
No, membership and registration fee ($357) covers all your teaching activities. You can teach in one or the other area as long as you declare them in your accreditation renewal form, you meet the criteria in terms of boat and safety equipment, your instructors are trained/certified for the level taught and that their instructor file is valid (up to date prerequisites and paid annual fees).

• How do I verify the status of my instructors?
Just submit the Instructor credentials verification Form, go to link https://voile.qc.ca/index.php/en/verification-des-instructeurs-2 (you need to be signed in the FVQ Web site to access form).

• What is the definition of a training member?
Anyone who follows a sailing course of 4 hours or more in your school, whether they will obtain a certification or not, is considered a training member and must pay a membership fee. Only visitors taking an introductory or a private course of less than 4 hours may be exempted. However, you can also include them as training members if you wish. They will then be covered by the accident insurance coverage.

• How to cover my volunteers with the accident insurance policy?
As long as your membership as an institutional member of the federation is up to date, your volunteers are covered by the accident insurance while helping you during a regatta or during regular activities. All you have to do is submit your list to the FVQ

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