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2017 - Peter Hall



Still active on the international scene at the age of 68, Peter Hall is proof that sailing is a sport for life!

Currently sailing in the Soling class (27-foot keelboat), Peter Hall has collected titles since 1976: He has been the World champion three times, North American champion 5 times as well as Canadian champion on several occasions. He has also captured the annual title in Soling class 5 times, most recently in 2016.

During his career, Peter has also collected honours in the Lightning class with a silver medal at the Pan American Games in 1987, the title of World Champion in 1989 and 2 World Masters Champions in 2001 and 2006. In total, he participated at 4 Pan American Games in the Lightning class.

His performances over time have resulted in the prestigious title of Sailor of the Year from the CYA in 1989. He has also been recognized as Sailor of the Year on several occasions by the FVQ.

In addition to his performance on water, Peter Hall has distinguished himself with his volunteer involvement. The Quebec Sailing Federation has benefited from his implication in the development of sailing: In addition to having chaired the Federation from 1994 to 1997, he has recently contributed in the establishment of a philanthropic committee and the launch of the financing campaign “Voile Québec – I’m on board”.

At the national and international level, Peter Hall is also involved as president of the High-Performance Committee for Sail Canada and as the Canadian representative at World Sailing.

It is our pleasure to induct Peter Hall as a member of the select club of Voile Québec’s Hall of Fame.


2013 - Caroll-Ann Alie


Caroll-Ann Alie, world champion windsurfer, was born July 6th, 1960.

Her dream took form in 1968, during the Grenoble Olympic Games, when Caroll-Ann watched Nancy Greene take home the gold medal in skiing. In her youth, she was a member of a ski club, but realized that she did not have the skills required to attain high level in the sport.

In 1978, at the age of 18, Caroll-Ann decided to try a new sport that was trendy at the time: windsurfing. And success was around the corner, as 2 years later she finished 6th at the Canadian Championship in Magog, Quebec.

In 1983 she joined the National Team and became the world champion the following year. This is a title she won twice more in 1985 and 1988.

The year 1984 brought some difficult moments as she barely missed qualifying for the Los Angeles Olympic Games, crushing her Olympic dream.

Though Caroll-Ann attended the University of Michigan in in the late 80's and graduated with a Master's degree in physical activity, her dream to participate in the Olympic Games remained. She decided to return to competition and, in 1992 at the age of 32, she participated in her first Olympic Games in Barcelona. Despite suffering from food poisoning, she finished in 14th place and this did not break her resolve.

Thus in 1995, she won a gold medal in the 1995 Pan American Games held in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. The next year, she finished 12th at the Atlanta games. In 1999, she won two silver medals at regattas in Miami and Long Beach. That same year, she finished 2nd at the Pan Am Games in Winnipeg.

In 2000, at the age of 40, she decided to end her career. She finished 17th at the World Championship in Argentina, as well as in Sydney where she last participated in the Olympic Games.

In 1988 and 1995, her perseverance was rewarded as she was named the Sail Canada (formerly Canadian Yachting Association) Female Athlete.

An exemplary athlete, Caroll-Ann Alie was inducted into the Canada Olympic Hall of Fame in 1993, the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame in 2005, the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame in 2010 and is now a member of the Quebec Sailing Hall of Fame.

2013 - Marcel Létourneau


Passionate about sailing, Marcel was involved in the sailing world throughout his life. His greatest legacy has been the creation of the Federation, for which he was a founding member and the first Board President in 1970.

2013 - Marc Wilson


Currently the General Manager of the South Shore regional soccer association, Marc Wilson has been very involved in the Quebec Sailing Federation in the past.

At the age of 11-12, Marc took to sailing and dinghies. He sailed on many boats, such as the Finn, the Laser and even the Mistral 404, before selecting the windsurfer in 1979. This is a sport he continues to enjoy today.

A young member of the sailing world, Marc had his heart set on two accomplishments: to create a proximity and to instill pride in the sailing community. During his time with the Quebec Sailing Federation in the 70's, his perseverance and motivation paid off when he was invited to write many articles for l'Écoute, a newspaper published by the Federation, and was later named Technical Director of the Federation.

During his time with the Federation, he often worked in the field and could therefore consolidate a "network capable of maintaining a significant sailing presence in Quebec". By being closer to youth and by visiting clubs, he motivated youth to form ties with the Federation and also to participate in regional or national events. For many of them "this would have been a key element, beginning a long and prosperous career on the provincial or national sailing team. And as a result of this work in the field, an important bond based on confidence formed between the athletes and the Federation, initiated by a proximity intervention". One of his primary objectives was thus achieved.Later, in order to "instill a sense of belonging and pride", he began to write a monthly newsletter that was distributed to all members of the Federation for 18 months, until the magazine l'Escale Nautique incorporated the newsletter into its pages and that is still the case today.

Marc also overcame some major budgetary challenges, as his plan for the development of excellence that was « very well received by the Sports Ministry's director" lead to a large increase in public funding designated for reaching the Quebec Sailing Federation's excellence plan.

Marc spent 11 years working in the Quebec Sailing Federation, 5 years as Technical Director and 6 as both Technical Director and General Manager. Throughout all these years, he achieved his goals with passion and professionalism. We are proud of Marc's journey and thank him for all the work that he accomplished in those years.

2012 - Gerry Roufs & Mike Birch

Their careers as offshore racers were intimately linked and both achieved major successes on the international scene: it is for this reason that Gerry Roufs and Mike Birch are entering the Quebec Sailing Hall of Fame together this year.

One is a posthumous award: 2012 marks the fifteenth anniversary of Gerry Roufs' disappearance in the South Pacific while he was participating in the third edition of the Vendée-Globe, the round-the-world single handed yacht race, sailed non-stop and without assistance on 60-foot monohull yachts, it is the race known as the Everest of sailing.

A few months earlier, he had won, in the monohull category, the oldest transatlantic single-handed race: the OSTAR between Plymouth, England, and Newport, in the United States.

He was also the skipper of the Jet Service catamaran for its eloquent victory in the 2nd edition of the Québec Saint-Malo event in 1988. Born in Montreal in 1953, Gerry Roufs disappeared out at sea on January 7th, 1997.

The other, Michael Birch, had his friend Gerry on board his avant-garde Formule Tag during the first Transat Québec Saint-Malo in 1984. Mike Birch had, six years before, revolutionized offshore racing by winning, aboard a small trimaran, the first edition of the Rum Run Race, between Saint-Malo, Bretagne, and Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. He then became a part of sailing legends: a 98-second lead on an Atlantic crossing, a hard-fought win that sparked the imagination of sailing lovers.

Born in Vancouver in 1931, Mike Birch has lived in Quebec for several years. His victories and podiums in the 80's and 90's are no longer counted and he twice was awarded the title "Sailor of the Year" by the Fédération internationale de la course au large (FICO).
Congratulations to Mike Birch and Gerry Roufs!


 2011 - Yves Gélinas

Il y a trente ans, Yves Gélinas quittait le port de Saint-Malo en France pour entreprendre un tour du monde en solitaire et sans escale par les trois Caps, les redoutables Quarantièmes rugissants. Ce tour du monde en solitaire demeure encore un haut fait inégalé pour un marin québécois. De plus, Yves Gélinas a pendant son odyssée, tourné un film, « Jean du Sud autour du monde » qui a gagné plusieurs prix internationaux. Il a aussi publié le récit de son aventure, « Jean du Sud et L'Oiseau Magique », plusieurs fois réédité. Il a aussi développé un régulateur d'allure de son invention qu'il construit, met en marché à travers le monde et qui est utilisé par de nombreux navigateurs.

Il a publié une grande quantité d'articles dans de nombreux magazines nautiques canadiens, américains et français.

Par ses réussites nautiques, artistiques, techniques et médiatiques, Yves Gélinas occupe une place unique dans le monde de la voile québécoise.
Ce marin intrépide a inspiré de nombreux navigateurs et il fait figure de pionnier dans la navigation à voile en solitaire au Québec. Il est l'un de nos principaux ambassadeurs de la navigation au large. De nombreux articles lui ont été consacrés tout au long des années, relatant ses réalisations.

2010 - Evert Bastet


Evert Bastet, born in Venezuela, moved to Canada in 1955 with his family. Bastet began sailing in his youth, describing the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club as his "extended backyard". His first victory, at the national level, took place in Calgary during the 1965 Canadian Youth Championships. This was the beginning of many great accomplishments to follow.

Amongst these achievements, Bastet, part of the Canadian Olympic Sailing team, has qualified for seven Olympic Games. This includes the 1968 Mexico, 1972 Munich, 1976 Montreal, 1980 Moscow (boycotted), 1984 Los Angeles, 1988 South Korea and 1992 Barcelona Games. With his team members, Evert finished 4th in the 1976 Montreal Games and won Silver at the 1984 Los Angeles Games in the Flying Dutchman Class. He has since been Team Leader for the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Games.

At the local level, Evert has long been involved with the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club and the Hudson Yacht Club as participant, race official and executive.
Over the years, Evert Bastet has received numerous awards and recognitions for his contribution to sailing in Canada. Most recently, he represented our country in carrying the Olympic Torch for the 2010 Vancouver Games. Also, Sail Canada honoured Mr. Bastet in 2007 with the Rolex Sailor of the Year Award. This award is presented to those who have brought recognition to Canadian Sailing and the Sail Canada. Most notably, Mr. Bastet was inducted into the Sport Quebec Hall of Fame in 2006 and the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in 1994.

The Quebec Sailing Federation (FVQ) is lucky to have Evert Bastet among its members. Since 1994, an FVQ trophy has existed in his name. The Evert Bastet Trophy recognizes an exceptional athlete on an national and/or international level. It is our pleasure to now include Evert Bastet as an honoured member of the Quebec Sailing Federation's Hall of Fame.

Congratulations and our thanks to Evert Bastet.

2009 - Ian Bruce

At the 2009 Quebec Sailing Federation award night, Ian Bruce became the first member to be inducted into the Quebec Sailing Federation's Hall of Fame. This gesture was intended to recognize his exceptional contribution to the development of sailing and his accomplishments on both the provincial and international scenes.

Ian Bruce also received the Order of Canada in July of 2009.

A co-designer of the Laser, Ian Bruce is known for his significant contribution to the world of sailing, particularly in the design and development of high-performance sail crafts for young sailors.

In addition to the Laser, which has been an Olympic class boat since 1996, he conceptualized the Byte and Byte CII. The latter was in fact used by the Youth athletes in Singapore, at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

Ian Bruce also reprensented Canada on several occasions, such as the 1960 Games in the Finn class and the and 1972 Games in the Star class.
From a local perspective, Ian Bruce has always been a supporter of local clubs and of the Quebec Sailing Federation, allowing the Federation to use a sailing simulator, which he co-developed.

Ian Bruce's words at the awards ceremony will without a doubt inspire a new generation of athletes. Thank you and congratulations!


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