2017-2018: over $65,000 in donations!



Thank you to everyone who contributed to our 2018 fundraising campaign! It’s still possible to participate by making a donation until March 31st, 2018.

 Thanks to the Placement Sports program, launched by the Quebec government, your donation helps the development and the promotion of sailing in Quebec!

Do you know your donation is tripled ?

Indeed, thanks to the matching of the government of 230%, you give $100 and the Quebec sailing federation receives $330! What great news!

By making a donation, you will receive a tax credit for the amount of your donation for any donation over $25.

Each donation received helps:

  •           To develop sailing in Quebec

  •           Increase our presence on the ground

  •           Increase our promotional activities of sailing

  •           To develop our new programs

  •           Increase our services offered



Results of the last 4 years:

We are proud to present the results of the first four years* of our Voile Quebec, I'm on board! campaign, as part of the Placements Sports program.

Since the launch of the FVQ campaign “I`m on Board,” you, along with over 400 other enthusiasts, decided to jump on board and contribute to the development of sailing in Quebec! 

Thanks to all of the generous contributions, the FVQ has received $354,000 of additional funding to put towards its operations since fall 2012.            


It allowed us to:

  • Increase our promotion initiatives (more than 10 in 2017)
  • Lauch a Mobile Sailing program and Sailing at school program
  • Increase our presence on the ground and provide better support to sailing clubs and schools
  • Create a scholarship fund for instructors
  • Mobilize our network to develop the Sailing at School program
  • Increase membership services, such several discount at our partners
  • Create the Sailing Fair with free public admission
  • Increase the visibility of sailing and of its stakeholders
  • Create new training for instructors, such as Rescue & Safety training at sea and training to become a National level official


Some of our activities showed in video :





We are always looking for financial partners and major donors to help develop the mobile sailing school program, the sailing at school project “Voile à l’école” and launch a large scale promotional campaign.

  • Do you want to get involved by joining our fundraising committee or being involved sporadically: Please let us know!
  • Do you know an organization interested in our cause; who would like to partner with a sport that moves young people, gives them access to the water, but that is environmentally friendly and accessible to all.  Put us in touch!

Like you, such individuals and organizations will be eligible to receive a tax credit and provide the FVQ a subsidy of 230% of the amount of their donation: A truly effective way to grow their investment!

  • Would you like to jump onboard with us again in 2018? You can make a donation through our website, click here or contact us by phone 514 252 3097.

Thank you again for your support! Together we can make a difference in the promotion and development of sailing in Quebec.


*The FVQ fiscal year goes from April 1st to March 31st.



J'embarque / I'm on board

TOT 132 000
DONS 71 972
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
TOT 40 000
DONS 21 810
donation thermometer



Nom/Name $
Helen Hodgson  
Fonds Rose des Vents 5200
Roski Composites  
Nicola Mocchiutti  
Anonyme 1569.60
Anonyme 100
Andreas Tanzer  
Aldric Mathieu  
Anonyme 120
Anonyme 200

Marc-André Tremblay


Louise Devost

Scott Cooper 100
Susan Orr-Mongeau 100
Services financiers Littée 250
Scott Morgan 300
Guillaume Thériault 100
Amyot Stéphane 100
Anonyme 200
Anonyme 50
Helen Hodgson 50
Chartier Christian 50
Paul Belliveau 50
Rod Hayes 100
Dr Brian Morris  
Gerarld Mc Gee  
David Wisenthal  
Thomas Fisher  
Jacques Poirier 50
Anonyme 50
Daniel St-Onge 50
Jacques Boucher 100
Jean-Pierre Mongeau 50
Liam Dixon  
François Brassard 100
Jean-François Gacougnolle 100
Pierre Richard 100
Harald Mueller  
Don Bennett 100
Anonyme 50
Anonyme 100
Peter Hall  
Voile Mercator  
Valérie Lavigne 100
Denis Valiquette 50
Pierre Ricard 50
Flavio Patuelli  
Margaret Hughes  
Claude Martin 50
Margot McFarlane 25
Marc Arnautovitch 50
Entre Air et Mer 100
Donald Gillis 50
David Kittson 50
Patrick Flaherty 50
Marc Arnautovitch 100
Cynthia Joy  
Natalie Matthon  
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