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Make a donation to Voile Québec? —  I am on board!

50 years and going thanks to you! 


“Your $50 donation means a tax receipt for you and $165 to help us develop sailing sports across Quebec.”



In this particular period, we would like to thank you for your support. This permits us to maintain existing services and offer new ones.
As part of the FVQ's 50th anniversary, a fundraising campaign has been launched to highlight 50 years of progress that could not have been possible without your generosity.
A $ 50 donation for the 50th anniversary of Voile Québec!


Campagne don anglais

Why does your donation become tripled?  

The Government of Quebec, thanks to the “Placements Sports” program which supports the development of Sports Federations and managed by Sports Québec, jumps in to triple your donation.

Any donation of $ 25 or more from an individual, a private corporation or a foundation is eligible for Placements Sports. Donors will receive an official income tax receipt valid in Quebec and Canada.


What your donation will be used for:

Ensure the future of our events to serve sailing enthusiasts

Develop our service offer to sailing gurus

Support the development of a competition network

Develop new programs exclusively dedicated to the promotion of sailing activities

Hire staff members to ensure a smooth running of our operations





Recent years successes:  

Allow our "Voile Mobile" program to tour several municipalities:

support them in the development of new programs while introducing the general public to sailing.



Organize the annual sailing fair “la Foire de la voile”, a unique event 100% dedicated to sailing activities, which allows the public to meet and greet professionals in the sailing industry.



Provide cruising and dinghy sailing instructors as well as the public with appropriate training such as the Offshore Safety and Survival Training.



Accumulated Placements Sports revenus since 2012 : 

Total Graphic Revenus PlacementsSports EN


Thanks to your donations, $700,000 has been obtained since almost 8 years! 


Since 2012, you have been a group of more than 500 individuals whom had decided to donate, for some of you punctually or regularly, to share your love of the sport and your passion within the community.

This is the way we thank your more than 500 times in helping us make such difference!



Thanks to our supporters!

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