Our mission has remained the same since the founding of the Federation in 1970:

To accomplish our mandate, we principally depend on two government grants from the MELS; the first is from the "Programme de soutien aux fédérations sportives québécoises" (PSFSQ) and the second is from the "Programme de soutien au développement de l’Excellence" (PSDE). Our administrative structure is a result of these programs and our budget is thus divided into two parts. As such, activities related to the development of excellence are managed separately, with a specific budget, while the rest of our work is financed by our operational budget.

Our 2020 Vision includes a vision for each of these entities: To be essential to all learning facilitators, to all clubs and schools, and to all organizations involved in the development of sailing in Quebec and for Quebec athletes to stand at top performance levels and to be distinguished on the national and international scene.