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The FVQ is offering two 550$ grants to future instructors.
These grants are designed to promote dinghy sailor development by helping and supporting candidates for whom the cost of the instructor training is a major obstacle.

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Admission criteria

  • Be a resident of Québec;
  • To have applied for a job in a sailing school for the current year;
  • To have a CANSail 4 certification (or to have a CANSail 3 certification and to have registered for the Advanced Sailing Clinic).


    Application file

    Content of the file:

  • Cover letter: Why to become a dinghy instructor?
  • Sailor’s résumé, with your sail experience, sailing school, etc.
  • Acknowledgement of receipt by a sailing school of your job application for the summer of the same year;
  • Any documents that may demonstrate your financial needs;
  • Reference: the name and contacts of a person (instructor, volunteer or member of your sailing school, teacher…) who supports your application.


    Selection criteria and information on the grant

    Attribution criteria are:

  • financial situation of the applicant;
  • sailing experience;
  • commitment and volunteering in sailing related activities.

    The grand will be taken off the training cost of the laureates. If the candidate has already paid his or her formation, he or she will be directly reimbursed. However, the amount of the grant cannot exceed the amount paid by the candidate for his or her training.


    How to apply?

    The documents are to be downloaded on the online application form. Please gather these documents in a single pdf (size <5Mo).


    Click here to access the application form


    Deadline for applications: March 1st 2022


    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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