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The aim of the program is to help young instructors on their first season of work. Because difficulties and challenges encountered on these first months are often the same for all, solutions are as well. But to match problems and solution, we’ll need someone experienced, available and willing to share their knowledge.

This is the whole idea of mentorship : solidarity, the ambition to do better and to progress, the desire to pass on one’s experience and to question your own technics.

Why should I choose to be mentored ?

What do I get out of it ?

  • A lot ! A more peaceful season, better professional results, better abilities as an instructor, and finally a better preparation for your evaluation. Mentorship has become rather popular in many sports, and the results are unanimous : it works !
  • Who are the mentors ?

  • For the pilote year, mentors are certified instructors whose Sail Canada profile is up to date. Ideally, your mentor works in the same sailing school than you, but this isn’t an obligation. If you don’t know anyone who could be your mentor, and yet you want to join the program, don’t panic ! We will put you in touch with one of our Leanring Facilitator who will be your mentor.
  • How much time will it take ?

  • Three meetings per season with your mentor, which means a total of 1,5 to 3 hours. For each meeting, mentor and mentee fill an observation sheet provided by the FVQ.
  • What is there to lose ?

  • Nothing ! It is a voluntary process, and all data or observations won’t ever be used in anything related to evaluation.
  • As a certified instructor, why become a mentor ?

    We usually insist on the advantages of mentorship for the mentees. Yet, the source of mentoring is a reciprocal relation that goes with a mutual benefit.

  • You’ll take up a challenge and go after a quest for progress. And after all, what is more stimulating than new ambitous objectives ?
  • As a mentor, you will collectively think about how to best teach sailing. It leads to question your habits, and to adopt an approach which will allow you to refresh and renew your practices. And from that, there is a definite sense of gratification and satisfaction.
  • As a mentor, you will act in the bigger picture, on a scene that is not individual, but collective, and you will address questions that concerns not only you or your students, but your sailing school, and your sport.
  • For someone who has chosen to teach sailing, to be a mentor is a natural continuity in the desire to help others grow better in the sailing community.
  • Finally, as a mentor, you will find yourself in the position of a senior member amongst your team, a resource person able to advise. This will bring you prefessional abilities and maturity you will doubtlessly find useful in all your future positions.
  • Content of the program

    If you want to join the program, either as a mentee or as a mentor, you just have to contact the FVQ. If you already have a mentor, great, if not, don't worry, we will put you in touch which a volunteer.

    During the season, mentor and mentee meet 3 times, at the start, the middle, and the end of the season. Each time, they fill an observation sheet meant to help them improve the mentee's abilities and to consider what could be their objectives.

    If the mentee feels in need of more help to overcome the challenges of their first summer, we will put them in touch with a Voile Québec Learning Facilitator.

    When summer ends, both actors enjoy the benefits and teachings of mentorship:

  • The mentee has improved faster and more peacefully, and he already has objectives and ambitions for the next season.
  • The mentor has questionned his own habits, has developped his abilities to work as a team member, and has passed on his passion and skills to another sailor. And already, future candidate instructors are asking him to be their mentor for 2019!
  • Join the program

    If you want to join the program, either as a mentor or a mentee, paired or not, just download the form, and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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