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Each candidate must have all his prerequisites up to date in order to join a practical course or to be evaluated. In order to do so, candidates will either download their prerequisites in the registration form or mail them to us (maximum size per document: 500 ko, named as follow: name_first-name_type-of-prerequisite).

Prerequisites to join the CANSail Instructor training

  1. To be 16 or older
  2. To have a valid General First Aid + CPR certification
  3. To have the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)
  4. To have coach boat driving experience and the Boat safety certification (delivered by the FVQ)
  5. To have a CANSail 4 certification or higher depending on the training
  6. Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC)
  7. Take the online training for Safe Sport 
  8. Prerequisite concerning CANSail 3-4 and 5-6

General First Aid + CPR

Have a valid Général First Aid + CPR certificate.

Since 2018, all instructors have to attend a General First Aid and CPR course. It is a 14 to 16 hour course and it replaces the former Emergency First Aid prerequisite.

The FVQ offers two General First Aid courses for which you can register through the general registration form.

The organization providing the course must be nationally recognized (Red Cross, Ambulance de la Saint-Jean, Heart and Stroke Foundation…). If you have any doubts, contact us in order to check that the program is recognized.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)

There are many companies enabling you to get your PCOC accredited by the Canadian Coast Gard. You can join the Départ-Éclair program offered by instructors accredited by the FVQ in homologated sailing schools.

Amongst the companies enabling you to get your PCOC online, offers a special price for instructors and future instructors. To have access to the special price, just register by following this link

Coach boat driving experience and Boat Safety

The ability to safely and efficiently drive the coach boat is central skill for sailing instructors. It is the object of 2 certifications.

  1. Coach boat driving experience certificate

    We strongly encourage young sailors interested in becoming instructors to join the assistant program of their sailing school. By doing so, after having obtained their CCEP, they will be able to practice driving a motor boat. The head instructor will then grant them a Coach boat driving experience certificate.

    If you did not have the opportunity to gain this experience with your sailing school, the FVQ organizes Coach boat basic courses with our learning facilitators. After half a day discovering the basics, they will deliver a coach boat driving experience certificate.

  2. Boat Safety course

    Due to the COVID the Boat Safety course will be integrate at the pratical course.
    This course, offered by the FVQ, enables candidates to learn and practice safety manoeuver (man overboard, righting and towing a boat…).

    Both theory and pracice will be evaluated, only succesful candidates will be granted the certification

    The course takes place in a sailing school and last a whole day. Both theory and practical periods alternate. This course gives instructor the necessary resources to teach in good conditions and to drive safely the coach boat.

To attend the boat safety course, candidates must have been granted a driving experience certificate by either the FVQ or their sailing school.

Enhanced Police Information Check

As of 2019, Sail Canada requires an Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC) for adult 18 or older. Sail Canada has signed up with Sterling Talent Solutions to allow CANSail instructors and coaches to complete their EPIC online through Sterling Solutions and To access the service, create an account on their website. EPIC will automatically be added to your pofile. Cost for this service is 25$.

CANSail certification and Advanced sailing Clinic

Future instructors have extensive knowledge and sailing abilities, and a consistent experience on the water. Instructor training requires a CANSail certification, whose level depends on the training you will follow :

You are have registered for a CANSail instructorYou need a CANSail certification:
CANSail 1-2 CANSail 4
CANSail 3-4 CANSail 5
CANSail 5-6 CANSail 6

The FVQ organizes an advanced sailing clinic, led by a competition coach on a weekend during the month of May. This clinic is offered for candidates :

  • Who consider they have the required level but have not the actual certification;
  • Who feel they need to improve or confirm their abilities;
  • Who want to enjoy a two-days sailing clinic with other future instructors at a highly competitive price.

Note that if your abilities on the water, or your knowledge (basic seamanship, racing rules of sailing, technics and tactic…) are insufficient and do not meet the standards during the practical course, your Leaning facilitator will not be able to confirm your trained instructor status.

Prerequisite concerning CANSail 3-4 and 5-6

In order to attend a CANSail 3-4 Practical course, candidates must have succesfully followed a CANsail 1-2 Practical course.
In order to attend a CANSail 5-6 Practical course, candidates must have succesfully followed a CANsail 1-2 and/or CANSail 3-4 Practical course.
Finally, all candidates for a CANSail 3-4 or 5-6 must submit a sailing resume whose acceptation determine the possibility to attend the clinic.


Training for Safe Sport

Since 2021, Sail Canada has asked that all sailing instructors and instructors take an online training of approximately 90 minutes on the safe practice of the sport. You can follow this training free of charge by clicking here

You can then take a screenshot of the page indicating that you have completed the training and send it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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