On this page you will find the calendar and prices for 2021 and the timetable for each course.

Upon request, we may open new courses in other places if there are enough candidates. If you would like a course to take place near your place please ask your school manager to contact us.

Please note that the planning might change in case of major problem (such as water level), and that courses might be canceled if the number of candidate is insufficient.

Taxes are included

Calendar 2021



* Early bird price is open until 15 days before the start of the training or module except for evaluations. For evaluations, early bird price is open until July 15th.

** Residents from Québec benefit from a 115$ grant to be deduced from the price of the evaluation, applicable once every three year.

*** Only active certified instructors whose Sail Canada profile and annual dues have been kept up to date may register for an evaluation. Otherwise, they have to register for a recertification."


Fundamental course:

Weekend Course (community instructor and practical course):

Week course (practical course):

Boat safety:


Boat safety re-certification:


Module Windsurf:


Advanced sailing clinic:


Module Optimist: