Individual Members


Institutional members

There are many types of insurance coverage to consider if you are an organization offering services.

Insurance coverage summary

To get an overview of all the insurance coverage if you are representing a school or club: insurance coverage summary

In order to make informed choices and protect yourself or your organization properly, also consult a broker!


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Club or school members that are non-profits affiliated with the FVQ can obtain a free Directors and Officers Liability Insurance. Please note that it is important to not have more than one insurance coverage for the directors and officers.


Commercial general liability insurance

As an FVQ affiliated organization offering certified clubs, camps or schools activities, you must have proper liability coverage for your activities and submit your insurance certificate.


Accidental death and mutilation insurance

If you are an affiliated club with the FVQ, a certified sailing school or sailing camp, your members, volunteers and trainee members are covered for free by the accidental death and mutilation insurance.

Have also a look at the upper description for individual members' coverage.