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To be a Quebec Sailing Federation member is above all to be connected to all stakeholders that have to do with sailing in Quebec. It also means being informed of all available trainings, events, and meetings that take place in Quebec and that bring together the sailing main players. Sailing Quebec members are also automatically covered by accident insurance wherever they sail in Canada.

Becoming a member and thus contributing to the success of the Quebec Sailing Federation also means ensuring the sustainability of our sport. It means ensuring that qualified instructors are there to train young sailors and boaters of all ages who discover our sport or undergo training to improve their knowledge and skill level, performance and safety.

For businesses and associations, becoming a member means benefiting from a direct connection with boaters in Quebec, and having access to privileged visibility with schools, clubs, and boaters in general. A company that supports the Quebec Sailing Federation also promotes the rejuvenation of boating in Quebec and ensures that in 5, 10 or 20 years, our marinas, sailing clubs, and all businesses that offer goods and services to boaters will have renewed customers.

The services offered to members of the federation are varied and depend on the type of FVQ membership. You can become a member as an individual or an institution, whether you are a company or an organization such as an association or a club.


Individual Members

By being an individual member of the Quebec Sailing Federation, you have several services and benefits.

You are a member if:

  • you are a member of a FVQ affiliated club
  • you are taking sailing lessons in a school affiliated with the FVQ
  • you are a registered Sail Canada instructor / coach
  • you are a certified race officer or judge *
  • you are a Team Quebec athlete (benefits reserved to the team members) **
  • you are taking sailing lessons in a school affiliated with the FVQ
  • you are an independent person (registration form

Institutional Membres 

Includes clubs and their individual members, sailing schools that teach sailing to training members, summer camps that provide an introduction to sailing, class associations, as well as any other groups interested in the promotion and development of sailing. 


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Consultez la Politique d'affiliation et devenez membre

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