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There are many different ways to become a member of the FVQ. You may already be an member and not even know it! 

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What is an Individual Member?

Individual Members are all persons interested in sailing, and includes all of the following sub-groups:


How to become a Sail Canada Cruising Instructor or Sail Canada Dinghy Instructor.   

Athlete (Quebec Sailing Team) 

How to join the Quebec Sailing Team

Race Official or Judge Member

How to become a Sail Canada Race officer of Judge.

Club Member 

School Training Member 

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Individual Member not belonging to any club (independant)

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Individual Member Fees

Annual Dues 

  Club     Training Individual  Instructor/Coach Athlete Official/Judge
Price per Age:             
  • Adults
$ 34 $ 12 $ 34 $ 160 Depends on program $ 0
  • Under 18 years
$ 14 $ 12 $ 14 $ 160 Depends on program $ 0
Pay Dues to The  Club School or FVQ FVQ Sail Canada FVQ NA


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