A summer camp is eligible for the FVQ Summer Camp status, rather than that of a Sailing School, if the only sailing activities offered by the camp are introduction-to-sailing activities that represent less than 5 hours within the weekly camp program. In the event that camp’s sailing activities are of a level higher than the introduction or that they represent 5 hours or more of the weekly activities offered to participating youth, then the summer camp will be eligible for sailing school status, rather than that of a summer camp, and sailing courses will have to be taught by sailing instructors, rather than sailing activity guides. A camp that is not recognized as a sailing school, cannot offer the CANSail program and can teach the FVQ Introduction to sailing program only if it is registered as a FVQ Summer Camp.

Upon receipt of its payment and of the previous season’s annual report, the Federation issues the annual Registered Camp certificate that sanctions the introduction-to-sailing operations of the camp, if its file is up-to-date for the new year of operation.

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To become an Affiliated Summer Camp, please read theAffiliation Policy, and contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone 514 252-3097.

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