The goal of the FVQ sailing school accreditation process is to recognize and promote the quality and seriousness of an organization involved in teaching sailing. Accredited schools are legally constituted, they carry liability insurance, provide courses aligned with the FVQ/Sail Canada learn to sail programs and their courses are taught by FVQ/Sail Canada registered and trained instructors.

Accredited schools can teach in one or many sailing sectors, as long as they use the appropriate type of boats and hire instructors that are qualified and certified to teach in each sector and at each level taught. They then have access to the rights and privileges linked to designated FVQ and Sail Canada Learn to programs.

These sectors are: dinghy sailing (including catamaran, and windsurfing) and cruising (keelboat).

Schools must, according to the bylaws of the Federation to which they subscribe, pay dues annually. Those dues are based on an institutional member basic fee plus a sailing school registration fee.

Schools must also annually submit the list of all their participants to the FVQ and pay, or ensure that the participants pay an annual fee to the FVQ before their course. Those participants are considered sailing members of the FVQ.

Upon receipt of its payment and of the previous season’s annual report, the Federation issues the annual Accredited School certificate that sanctions the teaching operations of the school, if its file is up-to-date for the new year of operation.

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To become an Affiliated Sailing School, please read the Affiliation Policy, and contact the FVQ by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone 514 252-3097. Once your request is in order, the board of directors will ratify your request at its following meeting.

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