To be a Quebec Sailing Federation member is above all to be connected to all stakeholders that have to do with sailing in Quebec. It also means being informed of all available trainings, events, and meetings that take place in Quebec and that bring together the sailing main players. Sailing Quebec members are also automatically covered by accident insurance wherever they sail in Canada.

Becoming a member and thus contributing to the success of the Quebec Sailing Federation also means ensuring the sustainability of our sport. It means ensuring that qualified instructors are there to train young sailors and boaters of all ages who discover our sport or undergo training to improve their knowledge and skill level, performance and safety.

For businesses and associations, becoming a member means benefiting from a direct connection with boaters in Quebec, and having access to privileged visibility with schools, clubs, and boaters in general. A company that supports the Quebec Sailing Federation also promotes the rejuvenation of boating in Quebec and ensures that in 5, 10 or 20 years, our marinas, sailing clubs, and all businesses that offer goods and services to boaters will have renewed customers.

The services offered to members of the federation are varied and depend on the type of FVQ membership. You can become a member as an individual or an institution, whether you are a company or an organization such as an association or a club.


Individual Members

By being an individual member of the Quebec Sailing Federation, you have several services and benefits.

You are a member if:



Subscription to the magazine l'Escale Nautique:
Logo_Escale_2010.jpg Reception of the magazine 4 times per year (of the current year) valued at $5.95 per edition.
Accident insurance:
BFL_canada_logo.jpg By being a member of the FVQ, you automatically have insurance coverage in case of an accident on your sailboat (injuries, mutilations, death).
More information.
*This offer does not apply to Judges / Race Officer and Athlete members unless they are members of their club.
Reception of the Voile Québec newsletter :

The FVQ  newsletter is sent monthly by e-mail, to our members and to all of those who requested to receive it.

Do not hesitate to register to stay in touch with sailing news in Quebec (link on the homepage).

10% discount on Offshore safety and survival training:
  All members of the FVQ are entitled to a 10% discount for the Offshore Safety and Survival training.
More information about the clinic.

10% discount on book purchases at the FVQ:
  By being a member of the FVQ you automatically get a 10% discount on book purchases at the FVQ.
*This offer does not apply to training members.
5% discount on Topper Sailboat and accessories:
 TI_Logo_web.jpg Topper Sailboat Canada is happy to offer any member of the FVQ a 5 % discount on boat and accessories.
Visit the website Topper Canada.
To take advantage to this offer, contact the  distributor with your FVQ's number
10% discount on Happy Yak products:

Get 10% off yo ur online shopping at Happy
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offered to discover their specialties that will be perfect offshore meals.
* To take advantage of this offer, simply create an account on and select Sailing Federation of Quebec. Thereafter the discount coupon will appear in your shopping cart.






Other Services

Services available to individual members Club  Training  Individual  Instructor/coach Race officer/ Judge 
Access to expertise services in race management: handicap, technical, appeal, etc. X        
Right to register for races and have the results recognized X        
Representation and defence of the rights and interests of sailors X X X X  
Right to participate and vote at the FVQ Annual General Meeting X   X X  
Right to participate in activities governed by the FVQ (other than racing which is a privilege exclusive to club members): clinics, training camps, congress, seminars, Annual General Meeting, etc.* X X   X  
Right to participate in cruising and dinghy sailing pedagogical activities . Privileges linked to obtaining a cruising and dinghy  certifications.   X      
Liability insurance coverage  for certified instructors/coaches and for Race Officials (officials and judges)       X X

 *Athletes and race officiers must be members in good standing of their club. They are eligible for services and privileges offered to club members.

** See the complete Quebec Sailing Team program for additional services provided to the athletes and the registration/selection process and fees.



The price to become an individual member for the year 2020 is $ 35. Please complete the registration form to join.

Membership is automatic for other types of individual members (club, intern, etc.)

Institutional Membres 

Includes clubs and their individual members, sailing schools that teach sailing to training members, summer camps that provide an introduction to sailing, class associations, as well as any other groups interested in the promotion and development of sailing. 

Offered services

Main services provided to Institutional Members Club School Camp Class Association Corporation Association
Free Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (for not-for-profit organizations only) (Document in French only) X X X      
Accident insurance coverage for members of the organization X X X      
FVQ & Sail Canada affiliation certificates X X X      
Discounts on various items: technical manuals, learning manuals and racing rule books, flags, etc. X X X      
Right to organize activities governed by the FVQ: clinics, training camps,… X X X      
Right to list job postings on the FVQ web site X
Subject to the Safety rules approved by the "Régie de la sécurité dans les sports du Québec" (Document in French only) X X X X    
Training and certification of managers, handicappers, regattas committee directors, officials, instructors, etc. X
race management
school management
X X    
Technical expertise X X X X    
Reception of information published by the FVQ & Sail Canada X X X X X X
Free inclusion in our member directory X X X X X X
Promotion of the organization during promotional events where the FVQ is present X X X X X X
Visibility on the FVQ web site and a link to the organization’s web site X X X X X X
Promotion of the organization and of its activities X X X X X X
Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting of the FVQ (1) & Sail Canada (2) X(1)(2) X(1)(2) X(1) X(1) X(1) X(1)
Right to announce the club’s regattas in the Provincial Calendar X          
Right to organize and host sanctioned regattas X          
Eligibility to apply for grants that aid in hiring coaches X          
Renting or lending  of FVQ equipment X X        
Status and services provided to your organization’s members (see services for individual members) X X        
Right to issue sailing certification   X        
Accreditation of training courses   X        
Right to use the FVQ logo with the title “FVQ Accredited School”   X        
Exclusive access to FVQ and Sail Canada training programs and certification material   X        
Exclusive access to FVQ and Sail Canada introductory level training programs and certification material   X X      
Accreditation of introduction training activities   X X      
Right to issue introduction to sailing certification   X X      
Right to use the FVQ logo with the title « FVQ Accredited Camp »     X      
Right to use the FVQ logo with the title « FVQ Corporate Member »         X  
Right to use the FVQ logo with the title « FVQ Associate Member »           X
And much more... (See the Sail Canada Programs and Services) X X X X    

For more information on our different type of members, please click on one of the links below:


Annual institutional membership dues are determined by the type and volume of activity of the organization. To do so, membership dues are composed of a base fee to which is added a school registration fee (if applicable) and a member/participant fee based on the number of people receiving services from the organization (club members or school training participants).

The annual dues cover both the affiliation to the Quebec Sailing Federation and to Sail Canada. The amount of the dues is adopted annually by the Board of Directors.

The complete payment must be made to the Quebec Sailing Federation, which will transfer its share to Sail Canada*.


Annual dues 2020 – Institutional Members Club School Camp Class Association Corporation Association
Base fee $ 216 $ 216 $ 216 $ 216 $ 216 $ 102
+ Sailing School option $ 162 1 $ 162        
+ $ / club member – adult # x $35          
+ $ / club member – less than 18 yrs # x $14          
+ $ / training member   # x $ 12        

Pour de plus amples renseignements sur les différents types de membres institutionels, veuillez cliquer sur les liens suivants:1 Si applicable
* Transfert à Voile Canada = 100$ tarif de base; 10$/membre adulte; 6$/membre stagiaire dériveur.


For more information on our different type of members, please click on one of the links below:



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