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Montreal, March 18, 2015 - Head Coach Rosie Chapman is happy to announce the Quebec Sailing Team for 2015. It is great to see athletes from 2014 moving up to Excellence and Elite and to have many new faces joining the team. The 3 athletes in RS-X class, Jean-Sébastien Fugère, Gabriel Verrier-Paquette and Laurence Bonneau-Charland join Martin Robitaille in Finn on the National Team. 2014 Espoir sailor Marc-Andrew Robin is among 7 new young Releve athletes to join this year’s team. Marc's debut in his first International Radial regatta at the Midwinters this February and then was joined by his team mates for March Break. Rosie comments ; " It is exciting to have 420s join the team this year. Having coached them during the March Break, I was excited to work with them and see first hand the huge improvements that where made over the week." A big congratulations again to the Excellence team athletes.

2015 Quebec Team:

Martin Robitaille- Finn
Jean-Sébastien Fugère- RS-X
Gabriel Verrier-Paquette- RS-X
Laurence Bonneau-Charland- RS-X

Elite F:
Arielle Morgan- 49erFX
Heather Myatt- 49erFX
Sophie-Andrée Vinet- 49erFX/ 29er
Virginie Lavallée-Corbeil- 49erFX

Elite M:
Philippe Pasquin- Radial
Stéphane Vinet- 49erFX/ 29er
Justin Vittecoq- Radial
Noah Ferrarotto-Radial

Releve F:
Coralie Vittecoq- Radial
Marion Lepert- 420
Solange Pacarar- 420
Lea Desgroseilliers- Radial

Releve M:
Justin Robichaud- Radial
Kevin Krikorian-Kunz- 420
Cameron Baird- 420
Louis-Philippe Amyot- Radial
Marc Andrew Robin- Radial

Maxime Amyot- Radial
Myka Auger- Optimist
Julien Lafrance-Berger- 420
Zoé Roosen- Optimist
Léo Roy- Radial

Thanks to our supporters!

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