If it’s an easy thing to get your pleasure craft operator card, it is far more tedious to become an experienced sailor. Because a motorboat is similar to navigating on calm water and under the sun, we forget that being on the water always presents a risk. When an incident occurs, we realize the magnitude the processes and reactions that should have been known before.

It is precisely, in order to prepare for difficult situations that Quebec Sailing Federation offers a boat safety course. This course, which is also mandatory for all the FVQ instructors, allows becoming familiar with the handling of the motorboat in delicate conditions.

When the wind rises and waves become bigger, the most basic maneuvers can become a test and put the crew in difficulty. How to approach a boat in difficulty or a person at sea? Without training, a driver would probably arrive on the wrong side in relation to the wind and waves, and his boat will become a danger for the person being rescued. In many cases, there would be stress, worry and fright, not to mention damaged equipment. While with some essential notions, maneuversSécuritéNautique_web.jpg become formalities.

The one-day boat safety course includes several practice sessions on water, as well as  classroom theory time. People will learn how to use a VHF in emergency situation, how to deal  with a case of hypothermia and how to recognize it, methods of recovering a man overboard  according to his condition and the physical capabilities of rescuer, how to evaluate a situation  and decide the right intervention method, etc. If the full-day course can provide a certificate, the  focus, much more than the evaluation would be the counseling, training and sharing of  experience.

Professionals giving the boat safety course will give you many tips to be better prepared and to know how to react to a situation. What to bring on your boat? In addition to the necessary compliance with Transport Canada standards, which will be explained, our trainers will tell you which tool kit you need to have on board that will get you out of more than one difficult situation. Also, this course will provide you knowledge on how to use a kill switch in order to be reactive, how to properly anchor your boat, how to correctly attach your boat to the dock, how to untangle a rope around your propeller or how to run older engines.

Finally, this course will also discuss about how to find a lost boat, return to port when the storm surprised you, rescue a person caught in the rigging of his capsized sailboat, call for help according to the established protocol, and how to know your limits. All these previous elements are the result of long experiences shared in this course to permit you to recognize the danger and react to it with the best of your abilities.

Autant d’éléments fruits de longues expériences de marins mises en commun dans ce cours pour vous permettre de reconnaître le danger et d’y réagir au mieux de vos capacités.

This course is offered by the FVQ and is for people sailing on sailboats and on motorboats. It is open to all people with a Pleasure Craft Operator Card and who are aged 14 and older.

Summer is coming, be prepared !

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