Many people would say that it’s not compulsory to take a sailing lesson to learn how to sail…They are right! As soon as you understand how to steer your boat on the water in relation to the wind and that you have managed to move forward, you will be able to sail! In Canada, there’s only the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) approved by Transport Canada as a requirement if you have a motor boat. Except that there’s much more than that…

Obtaining a seal will give you the necessary knowledge to not only moving the boat, but to do it safely for you, your crew and your sailboat. It’s not uncommon to meet boaters, in sailing schools that panics during a  wind gust during a gust of wind, losing control of their boat.Then, they discover that it’s possible to take a reef in order to reduce the sail surface therefore reducing the heel and improving the relative comfort and the boat speed of the boat dictate by the ever-changing meteorological conditions.Yena_20_noeudsweb.jpg

Or better, you may decide to stay safe while the weather calms down. If you have followed a sailing course, you will have learned how to anchor without fear and you could take this opportunity to determine a new and more appropriated route on your nautical chart and get back to port.

Obviously, the experience gained over the years will help you better with the adverse conditions, but would you know what to do in case of rig breakage when you notice that the mast is threatening to fall? What do you have on hand to fix a leak? Would you know how to make a recovery of a person overboard and quickly find one of your crew members who just passed overboard? The sailing courses recognized by Sail Canada will allow you to react quickly to various situations. Sailing is first and foremost an activity of pleasure and relaxation. The confidence gained during a course will make your experience even more enjoyable for you, but also for those who join you.

Choose a sailing school

In Canada, sailing instructors obtain their certification from experienced instructor-evaluators from Sail Canada. They not only sailed a lot, but they have developed skills to help them communicate their knowledges. Sailing schools are accredited to strict standards made by the provincial sailing federations. Voile Quebec has about 20 sailing-cruising schools in about 10 administrative regions of the province. Sailing schools must also meet the Transport Canada standards. After having confirm that the school is affiliated, make sure that what there is proposing correspond to your expectations. It only remains for you to decide if you want to learn to sail with… or without tuque, depending on the water plan chosen. A sailing course isn’t mandatory…but it’s a really good idea!!

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Normand Latour, instructor and director of «Voile Plus, Sailing school»

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