Montreal, August 13rd 2018 -The 52nd edition of the Quebec Games was held at Frontenac National Park, near Thetford Mines, from August 1st to 4th. There were two different classes of boat, the Optimist for the 15 and younger and the Topper for the 17 and younger. A total of 63 athletes (32 in Optimist class and 31 in Topper class) coming from 13 different regions of Quebec competed at these Games.

Throughout the competition, weather conditions have changed a lot. Athletes have done a total of 6 races during the 4 days of competition. The second day was marked with a lot of wind, allowing only one race for the Topper class. The last day of competition, which was the final with the top 10 athletes was canceled due to the lack of wind.

For the Optimist class, results were very tight between the first 7 athletes. Brothers Nathan and Matis Duffar-Calder were expected as well as 3 athletes from the Southwest region and those from the Outaouais region. All of these athletes were finalists and it’s Nathan Duffar-Calder who won easily, finishing first in every race except one (finished 3rd), followed by Vincent Grenier and Jacob Townsend from the Southwest region.

For the Topper class, athletes were sailing for the first time with this new boat and all of them adapted very well to the situation. Again, results were tight! After some great races, Zao Dinel, from the Richelieu-Yamaska region, won gold.

Congrats to all! Congrats also to the eastern region of Quebec who won the medal of the best sportsmanship!

A big thank you to the organization and all the volunteers.

Optimist results:
1/ Nathan Duffar-Calder, Club de voile du Lac Brome, Richelieu-Yamaska
2/ Vincent Grenier, Club de voile de Deux Montagnes, Southwest
3/ Jacob Townsend, Club de voile de Deux Montagnes, Southwest

Topper results:
1/ Zao Dinel, Club de voile du Lac Brome, Richelieu-Yamaska
2/ Louis-Eric Leblanc, Club de voile de Deux Montagnes, Southwest
3/ Philippe Delangis, Club de voile de Deux Montagnes, Southwest

Full results

38425825_2102758976415568_3601085517963198464_o.jpg                                          38518831_2102748533083279_1441572886337814528_o.jpg

Winner in Topper                                                                                                       Winner in Optimist

Thanks to our supporters!

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