Montreal, August 3rd 2016 – From July 23rd to 30th, the 2016 KBC Laser Radial Youth & Men’s World Championships were held at Dun Laoghaire in Ireland. More than 220 sailors from 48 countries participated in this great event.

Among the athletes, four Canadians were there including two from the Quebec Sailing Team, Justin Vittecoq and Marc-Andrew Robin!

The competition was not easy but our sailors showed what they could do in Ireland.

Justin Vittecoq is only 16 years old and he’s already one of the best athletes in Radial class, both in Quebec and Canada. Adept at international competition, the sailor from the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club finished this Championship in 44th position in the gold fleet. A great performance for the elite athlete of the team. During this regatta, he also received 4 top 15s and his best scoring was a 6th place in the 5th race.

Marc-Andrew Robin is also used to participating in big events. At just 14 years old, he already has participated in several competition in the Radial class. The young elite athlete from the Quebec Sailing Team finished the event in 43rd position in the emerald fleet. However we must note that he finished in an excellent 10th place for his 5th race.

The regatta was composed of 4 fleets, gold, silver, bronze and emerald, with 57 athletes in each fleet and 58 in gold fleet. The sailors completed 11 races, the first 9 were the qualification for a fleet.

Matti Muru had the best Canadian performance of this competition, finishing in 16th position in gold fleet.

Congratulations to all the athletes!

Full results.

Montreal, August 2nd, 2015 - From July 7th to 10th, the Laser Class US National Championships were held at the Mentor Harbor Yacht Club in Ohio. 151 athletes, including five from Quebec, participated in this great event.

5 athletes from the Quebec Sailing Team and the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club sailed during this international championship, coached by Nicolas Kim.

The competition was composed of 11 races with the first six to qualify for a fleet category.

Three Quebec sailors were in gold fleet. Marc-Andrew Robin was the fastest and finished in 32nd place in the gold fleet. He also received 4 top 20s during the competition. Maxime Amyot, who has sailed for two years in Radial, finished with a good 44th position and finished 9th for his third race. Léa Desgroseillers finished in 51st place.

In his first international competition, Pierre-Olivier Gagnon, athlete on the Quebec team, sailed well and finished in 35th position in the silver fleet. His more experienced friend, Léo Roy, finished 22nd in the same fleet.

A great competition and a great team coached by the rigor, the dedication, and unfailing energy of Nicolas Kim.

Congratulations to all the athletes and a big thank you to Nicolas Kim and to parents who were there, including Vivian Zarrow.

Full results.

As well, we would like to note the participation of 2 Quebec team athletes at the Laser Radial Worlds which were held in Ireland from July 23rd to 30th. Justin Vittecoq finished in 44th position in the gold fleet and Marc Andrew Robin in the 43rd in emerald fleet. For all the result, click here. Congratulations to them both.

Next, athletes will go to Kingston for the famous regatta: CORK. But before this, our eyes will be on Germany and Coralie Vittecoq for the U21 Laser Worlds!

Montreal, May 5th 2016 - Right into his Olympic campaign, Martin will complete his European tour with the Finn World Cup in Italy starting May 8.

After a gold medal at the Finn Championships in the United States, he headed to Hyeres in the south of France for the ISAF sailing World Cup where he finished in 21st position. Currently in Italy, Robitaille will give his all for the last chance to qualify for Rio.
Two Australians took first and second place of the podium followed closely by Jonathan Lobert from France.

In the RS-X class, Quebecer Gabriel Verrier-Paquette finished the regatta in 34th place. Gold and silver were won by two Polish while the third place went to Britain's Nick Dempsey.

Finally, in Paralympic sonar, the team composed of Scott Lutes, Paul Tingley and Logan Campbell finished in 8th place, combining two 3rd places and a second place at the end of their race. The Norwegian team reached the first step of the podium followed by Britain and the United States.

For all the live results of our athletes, we invite you to follow us on our twitter @VoileQc.

Montréal – July 27th 2016 – From July 22nd to 24th, the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club hosted the 51st Final of the 2016 Quebec Games-Montreal in Dorval.

For this recent event, the wind was present. On day one, a first attempt on the water had the young athletes returned quickly to land due to strong winds. They managed to go back out in the afternoon for a number of races.

During the Quebec Games, the races do not work the same way as in any other regatta. The “round-robin” format was introduced in order to make an entire series: for each athlete to race at least once, three races had to be done.

Two categories of boats were used: the Optimist for 15 years old and under and the OutsiderTM for the 17 years old and under. A total of 65 athletes, 34 in the Optimist and 31 in the OutsiderTM, from 12 different regions, were in line to compete.

The second day of the event was still very busy: in the morning, the weather was perfect. The athletes were able to complete three series with some great races. But early in the afternoon, a storm broke out and the boats were obliged to return for safety reasons.

The last day was divided in two phases. The morning was devoted to finishing the "round-robin" and the Finals was held in the afternoon. Our favoured athletes were there. In the OutsiderTM, there was a great fight between Myka Auger-Cyr and Anna Morineau. Anna took first place in the “round-robin” but it was Mika who won gold in the three race final and with that took revenge for 2014.The third position was taken by Olivier Julien from the Club de Voile Deux-Montagnes.

No surprises in the Optimist. The favoured and best athlete, Eric Omielan, won the gold. Eric, who just returned from the World Championship in Portugal, never faltered during the competition. He finished first in all this races except one where he finished second. The podium was filled by the athletes of the Lac St. Louis region and two other Royal’s athletes, Jean-Rene Arana-Kiekens and William Lloyd.

In total, the athletes completed four races with the finalists in the OutsiderTM completed 7 and 8 for the Optmist finalists. We must also note that the OutsiderTM athletes have all sailed for the first time on the new boat and they all managed to adapt to this situation.

For everyone, this competition was full of emotion and a good learning experience. And despite all the challenges encountered, each athlete walked away with a smile!

Congratulations to all!

Thank you to the team of the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club and all the volunteers for all their work.

1/ Eric Omielan, RStLYC, Lac St Louis
2/ Jean-René Kiekens-Arana, RStLYC, Lac St Louis
3/ William Lloyd,RStLYC, Lac St Louis

1/ Mika Auger, EVO, Outaouais
2/ Anna Morineau, EVO, Outaouais
3/ Olivier Julien, CVDM, Sud Ouest

Full result Optimist
Full result OutsiderTM

Just below, you can watch several videos and articles of the competition:

To access all the photos, you can visit our Facebook: Voile Québec

Montreal, April 8, 2015 -

Mobile Sailing Program

Sailing’s touring Quebec this summer

The Quebec Sailing Federation (FVQ) is happy to launch its Mobile Sailing program as of the summer of 2016

What is Mobile Sailing?

A unique formula in Quebec, the Mobile Sailing program will promote sailing activities and offer sailing and maritime safety courses through a province wide tour of Quebec. Our objective to encourage and make sailing more accessible throughout Quebec gave birth to the idea for the Mobile Sailing program.

A trailer with five Outsider™ boats will travel the province, stopping in different regions at campsites, marinas, summer camps and will take part in public events to promote the sport. The Mobile squad will travel over 3,500 kms. Residents of all ages may take part in a sailing experience with a certified instructor who will pass on their passion for the sport. Maritime safety awareness will also be provided.

We anticipate 30 days of activities spread over 10 weeks. A complete calendar of events and regions to be visited will be published in May.

We invite you to share our program with friends and family. Moreover, if you are a community, an event or even a camping site and you would like us to stop by your location, you can contact us at 514-252-3097 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you to our Diamond partner Outsider™ for their contribution to the project.

Thanks to our supporters!

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