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Held every four years in the summer, the Canada Games are an important event in the development of Canada's young athletes. These athletes, the best in their age group, participate in the Games representing their respective provinces or territories. They are envisioned as the next generation of athletes representing Canada nationally and internationally.

Sailing was introduced to the program of the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900. Today, athletes who wish to participate in this event must first qualify for the Canadian Sailing Team. A key step in their development is to participate in the Canada Games.

The next Canada Games will be held in Niagara, Ontario from August 6 to 21, 2022. You are an experienced athlete, you want to participate in this competition and represent your province in sailing? It is time !


· 29er – Women

· 29er – Men

· ILCA 6 – Women

· ILCA 7 – Men

· 2.4 meter – Open


Able bodied athletes: 3 mens and 3 womens
Competitors must be at least 15 and under 21 as of December 31, 2022.
Date of birth: From January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2007.

Men's categories: under 21 (at least 15)

Single-handed - ILCA 7
Double-handed - 29er: two competitors per boat (team event)

Women's categories: under 21 (at least 15)

Single-handed  - ILCA 6
Double-handed - 29er: two competitors per boat (team event)

Para Athlete: 1 athlete (men or women)
Competitors must be at least 17 years old and under 35 as of December 31, 2022. Date of birth: From January 1, 1987 to December 31, 2007.
The competition is reserved for athletes with a maximum classification impairment of 7 *.
* In accordance with the ETS at the Train to Compete stage of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, an exemption from the age requirement will be considered for para athletes born outside of the years indicated and for which the level of development corresponds to this stage.
Mixed parasailing

Are excluded from the Canada Games :

● Senior National Team Members, athletes who have held an SR, SR1, SR2 or C1 card at any time.

● Athletes who have previously competed at the following events:

○ Senior World Championships

○ Olympic Games

○ Paralympic Games

○ Pan Am Games

No athlete can be rendered ineligible within 90 days of the opening of the Games due to National Team status, carding status or competing in an excluded event.

* Athletes who hold a C1 card as defined by Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program or are in their first year of Senior National Team status may be deemed eligible on a case by case basis. Requests must be submitted to the respective P/T Team Chef de Mission and approved by the Canada Games Council’s Eligibility Committee.

All athletes must meet the eligibility regulations outlined in CGC’s Eligibility Policy.


Able-bodied athletes:

To be admissible, it is mandatory to participate in these three selection events and submit their annual training programs.

  • Selection events, if COVID permits
      • ILCA 7 and ILCA 6
        • CORK OCR ILCA 2021 20%
        • Outaouais 2021 20%
        • Ian Bruce 2022 60%
      • 29er
        • CORK fall 2021 40%
        • Icebreaker 2022 60%

  • Other selection criteria:
    • Having an annual training program for at least 24 months (2 years) before the beginning of the Games, from August 6th, 2020.
    • Having an annual fitness training program.
    • Proof of residence in Quebec

Para athletes:

  • 2.4mR
    • If you meet the selection criterias and you are interested in participating at the Canada Games, please contact Caroline de Alcala at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


More info:


Canada Games Niagara 2022 selection policies and procedures for athletes - Sailing - Quebec

Canada Games Niagara 2022 selection policies andprocedures for coaches - Sailing - Quebec

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