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Québec Sailing offers a boat safety course in order to be prepared to face difficult situations when driving a boat. The course includes both practice and theory, and gives attendees tools and methods to react when things go wrong on the water.

Note that in order to attend the boat safety course, you must have at least a five hour experience in driving motor boats. If you do not have this experience nor a certificate from your sailing school, you will have to follow a boat driving course offered by the FVQ on half a day. Registration form is at the bottom of this page.

Course content

The course if divided into two parts, a practical part and a theoretical part.

Theory Part:

  • Boat and equipment checks;
  • Basic maintenance;
  • Basic engine and boat control
  • Knowledge of major traumas and emergencies (hypothermia, heat stroke, dehydration…);
  • Mandatory safety equipment and recommended equipment;

Practical Part:

  • Maneuver in a narrow space;
  • Manage the impact of speed on the manoeuver;
  • Anchor a boat taking into account the wind and waves ;
  • Help to redress a cap sized boat;
  • Tow (control of different towing and approaching techniques);
  • Rescue a person overboard;
  • How to dock a boat;
  • Basic seamanship and knowledge of knots for the security (bowline knot, cleat knot, fisherman’s knot and clove hitch);
  • Stop at a buoy according to the orientation of the wind and current, and attach to it;
  • Etc.


The following schedule is applicable from May 2019
Most of the theory part will be done online thanks to a Webinar with a learning-facilitator. The duration of this part is between 2h30 and 3 hours. The practical part will be on water, at a sailing school, from 8h30 to 18h30. For the 2018 training, refer to the calendar.


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